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Evil Episodes Podcast #9 now available! Bag of Bones, Dexter Season Finale, Steve Niles’ Remains, and more!

Episode #9.  Yes it’s true, I actually got a consecutive episode out in two weeks time! Hooray!  On this chilling episode we discuss Stephen King’s Bag of Bones adaption by Mick Garris on A&E, The season finale of Dexter’s 6th season, and Steve Nile’s Remains that aired on chiller.  We also manage to mix in some talk about beer, alcohol and some other non-horror related stuff.  As always send all feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com and please enjoy what is probably the final episode of 2011!  Have a great holiday season & we’ll see you in 2012 for some more Evil Episodes!


Download: (right click-Save As) Evil Episodes Podcast #9

@NoCalMike reviews BAG OF BONES!

This past Sunday & Monday nights A&E aired the two part, “four hour” adaption of the Stephen King novel “Bag of Bones”  the story of a writer trying to get away to cope with the death of his wife. Like most small towns in a horror story, everything isn’t as seems. Did this adaption hit it’s mark? Read my thoughts after the jump!

Beware the Lake; & Continue to Bag of Bones review

Dexter, American Horror Story, Terra Nova, Walking Dead, etc etc….I want to know your thoughts?

With The Walking Dead season 2 getting underway a few hours ago….or depending on when you are reading this, last night, it is safe to say that the Horror-TV season is in full effect and will be pretty jam packed with shows and series for the remainder of 2011.  Despite all the shows currently airing, we still have NBC’s Grimm, Bag of Bones, as well as Chiller’s original movie, Remains, among many more that I have probably failed to mention.

That said, I want to know what you, the visitors of the site and listeners of the podcast think about all the returning series and new shows.  It doesn’t matter if you enjoy ’em, hate ’em, want to pick certain elements apart regarding them.  I am all for your feedback no matter what your opinions are, and I’d love to feature all of your thoughts in an upcoming episode of the podcast.

You can do something as simple as leave a reply on this topic below, email your thoughts to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com or you can be even more bold and record your comments in audio form and send them to the same email and I will play them during the show.

With the audience of the podcast growing slowly but surely, I am always interested to get the pulse of the audience as to what they are watching and what they want to discuss.  So speak up and be a part of an upcoming episode of the podcast!

Stay Evil

-Mike of Evil Episodes Podcast

Stephen King’s Bag of Bones adaption headed to A&E…..

Following up on an earlier report about Bag of Bones landing Pierce Brosnan for a leading role in the special, The Hollywood Reporter also has this to add to the details on the show…

  • A&E has picked up the Pierce BrosnanStephen King four-part miniseries Bag of Bones.
  • The four-hour miniseries, based off  King’s New York Times bestselling novel, will air over two nights in the fourth quarter of 2011.
  • Anabeth Gish will also star. Mick Garris will direct and Matt Vennewrote the script. It will be filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada. Production begins next month.
  • Brosnan plays a man who is unable to stop grieving for his wife, who died suddenly. After returning to the lakeside retreat they shared, he inadvertently gets involved in a local custody battle – while having nightmares about his dead wife.
Look for Bag of Bones to air on A&E in the fourth quarter of 2011 and keep checking back here for more details as they become available!

Has “Bag of Bones” mini-series landed a high profile set of bones for the show?

Following up on an earlier report on the mini-serires BAG OF BONES, it is not being reported that there may be an A-list actor now attached to the series. SEAANDBESCENE has this to say by way of DEADLINETV:

“For weeks now we’ve wondered, called, researched and dug to solve the mystery of who will star in Stephen Kings’ much anticipated mini-series Bag of Bones…and we’re pretty sure we’ve nailed it.

Last November it was announced thatBrosnan had signed a development deal with Sony Pictures with plans to create a ‘PI’ style show.”

Pierce Brosnan set to play Mike Noonan in BAG OF BONES

As long as the semantics are all worked out, this would be a huge grab for the mini-series. Lets all cross our fingers, and keep checking back for more news as it is reported! For the complete report visit SEAANDBESCENE as well as the article that helped put it all together at DEADLINETV.

Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones” TV adaption looks to get underway soon!

News hit a few months back of Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones” being adapted but little was known.  We’re still without any airdate or casting news but the website SEEANDBESCENE has this little nugget of information to hold us over briefly:

“A mini-series based on Stephen King’s award winning novel Bag of Bones will begin shooting in Nova Scotia July 6th, 2011 continuing through to August 31st, 2011.

The ‘haunted vacation house’ novel will be directed by Mick Garris, the writer/director on three previous Stephen King TV films including The Shining, The Stand and Desperation.”

For those unaware Nova Scotia was also used in the TV adaption of Stephen King’s “IT”  which was transformed into Derry, Maine.  So there you have it folks, lets hope some more details spill out soon for Bag of Bones! For more info please visit  SEEANDBESCENE