Rants, Reviews, & More!

What has me Talking?

by Mike & Special Contributors!

  • Mike enjoys the polarizing Friday the 13th Part 5 HERE
  • Mike opens book to chapter 1 of NBC’s Grimm HERE & HERE
  • Mike watches Heather Langekamp’s doc, I AM NANCY: HERE
  • Mike plays & reviews  Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition: HERE
  • Mike journeys to History Channel’s GATES OF HELL: HERE
  • Mike makes the case for MTV’s Teen Wolf: HERE
  • Mike just watched AMC’s The Killing Season 1 Finale: HERE
  • Mike tackles the issue of Kids Watching Horror Movies: HERE
  • Mike discusses experience w/Zombies in Video Games: HERE
  • Mike looks at Friday the 13th without Jason:  HERE
  • Mike takes a look at AMC’s The Killing pilot: HERE
  • Mike takes a trip to the theater to watch Insidious: HERE

Mike’s Horror Movie Reviews for AlteredRealitiesRadio.com

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