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Evil Episodes 018: The Walking Dead Season 2 Part 2 Take 2

Welcome to the the eighteenth episode of Evil Episodes!

The podcast just got a whole lot more evil as Jamie from Devour the Podcast joins myself and Darrick! The show starts as usual, with a few news items that have dropped in the last couple of weeks. This spawns some nice discussion and mini-rants which listeners are sure to enjoy and form their own opinions on.

Next up we discuss the new SYFY game show Total Blackout, which of course leads to the discussion of many other shows, movies and any other material to do with horror. The show’s featured review as you might have guessed from the title is a big discussion on the second half of the second season of The Walking Dead. The first go at this with another lineup failed due to a technical error on my part, but from the comments sections on just about every episode since, the fans were still wanting the show covered in detail so I decided to make it happen!

The show closes out with a mini-announcement by Darrick regarding his future on the podcast as well as an addition being made to the podcast which will keep this baby running for a long time to come!


Download: (Right Click–>Save As) EvilEpisodes 18

Hope you enjoy this latest effort! As always leave any feedback below and/or at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com

The cast of The Walking Dead reflects on the past and looks forward to Season 3!

Hot off the heels of the zombie-packed season finale of The Walking Dead’s season 2, AMC has supplied the fans with a video of some members of the cast reflecting on the second season and looking forward to the events to come in Season 3. ***Warning, if you haven’t seen the season 2 finale yet, some of the of this video might serve up some spoilage***

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Is it me or did they brighten up the shot of the prison at the very end to make it look brighter than it was during the actual broadcast of the show? Ahh well.

Get a sneak peek at what to expect on The Walking Dead season 2 finale…..

AMC has released a short teaser trailer for this Sunday’s finale of The Walking Dead’s second season, and lets just say if there is one word to describe what is in the preview it’s, ZOMBIES!

Robert Kirkman talks Dale, The Governor, and more…..

After the events of this past episode of The Walking Dead, fans are certainly buzzing about a death not many saw coming.  With only two episodes left in the second season, the situation for the entire group is surely to be elevated, as the tension continues to rise.  IGN recently sat down with Robert Kirkman where he discussed a bunch of goodies. *Warning, possibly spoilers*

IGN Comics: Man. Really, really brutal episode. So right off the bat, because this is obviously what everyone’s going to be talking about. The group lost Dale in this episode, and in a very different way than the comics. After being such a proponent of keeping their humanity intact, how will the loss of that voice affect the group in terms or their decision making?

Robert Kirkman: The group is very much in a state of disarray. They’ve lost their moral compass to a certain extent. Keep in mind that every time that Rick and Shane have been butting heads, there is this aspect of Dale coming in and helping Rick form his decisions and keep them in line to a certain extent. In this episode in particular, you had everyone coming to the decision to kill this guy. It was only at the last minute when Rick saw how it was affecting his son that he backed away. But it was Dale the whole time that was saying, “We shouldn’t kill this guy. We need to retain our humanity.” He’s not going to be there the next time they come up against a decision like that.

Read the rest of Kirkman’s Interview after the jump!

AMC’s Q &A w/Lauran Cohan (Maggie) from The Walking Dead…

Who doesn’t love themselves some Maggie, right?  Not only is she Glen’s love interest on the show but she is also the free spirit of Hershel’s family, sort of an intermediary between the strict regime on the farm and Rick’s group of survivors. Lauran is asked about all sorts of topics some of which include Zombies on set, working on the southern accent, appetite and much more…Read the interview after the jump….

Lauran Cohan answers questions on all things Maggie

The Walking Dead Season 2 mid-season return scores big! How big?

Under 24 hours after the resuming of The Walking Dead’s season 2, the ratings news is in and looks like the show has shattered it’s own previous record.  This is great news for fans of the series (which has already been renewed for a third season) It will be interesting to see if the show can continue to hold it’s massive audience and continue to grow it building up to what is surely going to be a very tense season finale. Check out the official ratings numbers after the jump!

See how well The Walking Dead’s midseason return scored by clicking here!

The Walking Dead offers up a tense :30 preview of what’s to come in rest of Season 2!

The Walking Dead is back in a couple weeks. I must say, when the mid-season finale aired it felt like it would take forever, but time has passed by pretty fast. Check out this pretty thrilling preview of what’s to come when The Walking Dead resumes Sunday February 12th on AMC! (After the jump)

Shootin’ Yellin’ Crashin’ Dyin’ It’s all packed in the 30 second preview

Rick & Hershel encounter a couple strangers while having a heated discussion in this preview for Season 2 second half premiere!

Under a month until the Walking Dead is back.  When the season split, it seemed like it was going to take forever for the show to resume, but I guess with all the Horror TV shows lately it has made time fly by pretty fast, eh? Check out a small     preview of a scene of the premiere episode coming up in a few weeks after the jump!

Rick, Hershel, and 2 unknown characters are featured in this preview scene

A few key sub-plot points for second half of season 2 of The Walking Dead show up online…

In case you forgot, we’re under a month until Season 2 of the Walking Dead picks back up. No surprise then about the news of a 3rd season being ordered. The interesting part though is that it is calling for 16 episodes, which will make it the longest season of the show to date.  Is AMC planning to split the 3rd season up as well? No word on that yet…..Meanwhile TVLine got the scoop on some of the plot lines coming our when the show picks up in a few weeks on February 11th!

Find out what the second half of Season 2 of the Walking Dead has in store for us!

Walking Dead Season 2 midseason premiere poster unveiled

AMC has just unveiled theo official poster for the Walking Dead’s midseason premiere! Check it out: 

What do you think? The Walking Dead season 2 resumes February 12th….can’t wait!

Credit: AMCTV