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Grab a lighter & some hairspray (and other homemade weapons) for latest episode of ZombieGoBoom!

I can’t be the only one who tried this make-shift flame thrower get up as a youngster, right?  How effective would it be against zombies though? Find out on the latest episode of ZombieGoBooM!

As always check out ZombieGoBooM at their official youtube channel HERE and join the facebook militia and leave your suggestions for weapons and other items to be tested on future episodes, HERE !

ZombieGoBoom tests a .22 caliber rifle……on a zombie skull!

Here is the latest offering from the extremely entertaining web series ZombieGoBoom in which they get a little help testing out some .22 caliber weaponry:

Be sure to leave comments on the youtube videos and leave suggestions of what weapons you’d like to see used during their demonstration videos. Also The ZombieGoBoom facebook page is a great way to get your feedback heard and to find out information on how you can send the show stuff to be used in their videos.

ZombieGoBoom goes bowling…..puts the Bowling Pin to the test!

If you’re a regular visit to EvilEpisodes then you should know plenty by now about ZombieGoBoom web-series.  If not check out their official youtube page HERE.  For the rest of us, lets get right into the latest episode which puts a Bowling Pin to the test for the task of zombie head bashing! Then we get a neat demo on how to bloody up your halloween costume with spray blood! To close out this episode, we get to see some fun with fireworks! Check it out:


Meet Jim Goza host of ZombieGoBoom…in their latest video!

If you’ve seen any episode of ZombieGoBoom thus far, then you are certainly no stranger to the eccentric and enthusiastic host of the series, Jim Goza.  In the latest episode, host Jim Goza explains what the web series is about as well as a short preview of things to come on future episodes: Watch it right here below:

As always you can watch everything ZombieGoBoom at their official youtube page, as well as keep up to date on the latest discussions, contests, giveaways etc at ZombieGoBoom’s facebook page!  I really hope to get these guys on the podcast for a chat in the future!

ZombieGoBoom’s latest video….behind the scenes look, screw driver, zombie strippers!

By now you know I am a huge fan of the new zombie web-series ZombieGoBoom. If you are looking to see zombie kills from all the classic zombie flicks put to the test under real life settings look no further than ZombieGoBoom.  On this edition we get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a scene from the series with Francis Wilson, as well as everyone’s favorite zombie survivalist Jim Goza putting the screwdriver through the brain death from Dawn of the Dead to the real life test.  From there we get to see a neat package come in the mail with a new zombie outfit and the episode finishes out with a music video featuring ZOMBIE STRIPPERS!  Need I say more? Ok then I will repeat…ZOMBIE STRIPPERS!  Check out the episode below!

Like what you saw? I knew you would. Go to the official ZombieGoBoom youtube page and subcribe(as well as finding them on facebook), leave feedback and comments and jump on this bandwagon now so you can be the first among your friends to say you were watching this web-series. Oh and be sure to tell ’em, EVIL EPISODES sent ya! Ha.

Break out the Gardening tools for ZombieGoBoom’s latest web-isode!

If you haven’t checked out the new zombie survivalist web series ZombieGoBoom this week’s new episode is a fantastic place to start.  Jim Goza zombie survivalist extraordinaire went to the shed and grabbed a few gardening tools to see how they stack up against the living dead. This week we get a demo on the shovel, power auger, and everyone’s favorite, the “hoe”  Watch the latest episode below:

If you hadn’t had the chance to see the rest of the ZombieGoBoom series yet, please check out the official youtube page here, and subscribe. They also have a facebook page for the show where they are always asking for suggestions on what fans would like to see in future episodes, as well as links to ZombieGoBoom merchandise,  contests, giveaways, and all the information you could possible want!

ZombieGoBoom episode #2 “Records” gets tossed onto the web!

It was a mere few days ago that I discovered ZombieGoBoom, a living dead survivalist take on Mythbusters . (HERE) Now comes the next episode in the series which takes a look at how vinyl records hold up as weapons against zombies in real life. Watch the episode below:

Pretty neat, huh? As always you can catch the show on the ZombieGoBoom YouTube channel where you can get a full synopsis of the show,  all the information on cast & crew, updates for when the next episode comes out and everything else that is on the horizon for these guys.  If you enjoyed this episode please subscribe to their youtube channel, and leave them some feedback on the page. They also have an official facebook page: HERE! Please go there and “Like” the show! As well, you an follow the show on Twitter: @ZombieGoBoom

ZombieGoBoom – Think Mythbusters with a living dead twist! Results? Hilarious!

It would be an easy case to make that the ZOMBIE sub-genre of horror is quite over-saturated these days. Between all the movies, stories, comics, TV shows covering the subject in the last five years you might be all zombied out for awhile, which is why it brings me great pleasure to send you in the direction of yes, another viral zombie web-series that has sprung to life:

Created by Chuck Mere & James sweet, and starring Jim Goza as host & resident zombie-survivalist, ZOMBIEGOBOOM mixes several elements including, comedy, sarcasm, gore, and of course weapons in an effort to take everything we’ve read or heard, or even seen on the silver screen, and put it to the real-life test.  Find yourself walking in the rain armed only with an umbrella, and wondering if you can survive a zombie attack? I am sure a future episode is going to give you the low-down.  The first episode has been posted which puts two baseball bats to the test: Wood vs. Aluminum to find out which is the more efficient zombie killer:

Like what you see? Thought so.  Keep checking back to the official youtube page for ZOMBIEGOBOOM for new episodes every week! You can also find them on DAILYMOTION as well.