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Evil Episodes Podcast #9 now available! Bag of Bones, Dexter Season Finale, Steve Niles’ Remains, and more!

Episode #9.  Yes it’s true, I actually got a consecutive episode out in two weeks time! Hooray!  On this chilling episode we discuss Stephen King’s Bag of Bones adaption by Mick Garris on A&E, The season finale of Dexter’s 6th season, and Steve Nile’s Remains that aired on chiller.  We also manage to mix in some talk about beer, alcohol and some other non-horror related stuff.  As always send all feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com and please enjoy what is probably the final episode of 2011!  Have a great holiday season & we’ll see you in 2012 for some more Evil Episodes!


Download: (right click-Save As) Evil Episodes Podcast #9

Evil Episodes Podcast #7 – Terra Nova, Dexter Season 6 Premiere, & more (Darrick finally watched Walking Dead)

Hello again everyone! Mike & Darrick back with a new podcast episode for your enjoyment.  You are enjoying them, hopefully!  In today’s episode we get into the first couple episodes of Terra Nova, as well as our thoughts on the season premiere of Dexter season 6. I also comment on the 2002 remake of Carrie briefly, and we give a little sneak peak into our thoughts on American Horror Story which we will be getting into more extensively on the next episode once a couple more episodes have aired! I also threw together a new intro for the show so don’t freak out when the familiar beginning doesn’t start up after pressing play!

Listen: [audio http://media.blubrry.com/horrorphilia/p/horrorphilia.com/horrorphilia/Podcasts/EE07.mp3]

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As always send any feedback whatsoever to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com

Take a look behind the scenes preview of Dexter Season 6 with some of the cast….

As if the trailer didn’t wet our appetites enough, Showtime has released this behind the scenes look at the upcoming season of Dexter. We get some comments and commentary from some familiar faces as well as a couple new characters. If you weren’t already amped for the Dexter Season 6, what’s wrong with you, right? Watch the promo below:

Dexter Season 6 premieres Sunday September October 2nd only on Showtime! S

Dexter season 6 trailer is here….and wants to make us believers!

Just minutes ago it was announced that Dexter Season 6 would premiere October 2ND, on Showtime. We all knew it was only a matter of time until the trailer would be hot on that announcement’s heels….and here it is, the official trailer for Dexter Season 6….Enjoy. I sure did!

What do you all think? Send comments to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com and get them read on the air! And remember, tune in October 2ND for Dexter Season 6!

Has Dexter “seen the light”? New promo for Season 6!

With the dog days of summer starting to hit us all hard and fast, it means the fall season is approaching fast.  That means a bunch of shows are coming back much to all of our delight!  The sixth season of Dexter happens to be one such show and today the latest promo for the upcoming season hit the web courtesy of Dexter’s facebook page:

The sixth season of Dexter hits Showtime this fall!

Mariana Klaveno’s going from HBO to Showtime….lands recurring role on Dexter Season 6!

From True Blood to Dexter...been a good year for Mariana Klaveno!

For those not familiar with TRUE BLOOD, Mariana Klaveno played Bill Compton’s maker(vampire maker that is) she finally met her demise via head-twisting vampire-y throws of passion in Season 3 of the show.  Looks like she landed on her feet and straight into another hit TV show pretty fast as DEADLINE is reporting that she has landed a role in the upcoming 6th season of DEXTER, and offers the following character description:



“She will play Carissa Morris, a professor at Florida University”

Kind of a minimal description for now, however she isn’t the first new role for season 6 that is playing a professor of the university so it looks like “Florida University” may be playing a significant role this time around.  Keep checking back for more updates on this character and Dexter Season 6, which premieres this fall on showtime!

Exec Producer of Dexter, Scott Buck reveals some Dexter Season 6 plot details!

Dexter season 6 is approaching.  Even though Season 5 was the highest rated for the series yet, some felt it was a little bit of a disappointment coming off the shocking end in Season 4. (I’m not one of them) Entertainment Weekly just sat down with Scott Buck the Executive Producer of Dexter, who was more than willing to serve up some juicy details.  While I wouldn’t say there were any spoilers perse, it might reveal a little more than some readers want to know so read this small preview of the interview with caution:

“ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s the overriding theme of season 6?
: What does it mean when a serial killer goes on a spiritual search? Dexter (Michael C. Hall) has always known what he doesn’t want to pass onto his son — his “dark passenger” — but now he’s beginning to ask what he does want to pass on. So that’s forcing him to look around to see what else there is in life.

Any chance that some of the loose ends, such as the Kyle Butler story line, will be revisited?
Absolutely. We’ve got a lot of loose strings. We’re going to try to tie up some things this year, but hopefully in some surprising and very fun ways.”

Did that merely enhance your appetite for more? Head to Entertainment Weekly to read the entire interview, which includes questions about Dexter’s son Harrison, Debra, Quinn, some of the new characters and a whole lot more!

Dexter’s Masuka finally gets the lab buddy reported on awhile back.

Over a month ago it was reported that one of the new roles for the sixth season of Dexter would be:

“Louis: A buddy of Masuka’s (C.S. Lee) who joins MMP as a new lab intern. Role calls for a Caucasian actor in his/her 30s who is “attractive in his own way.” “

Now it has finally been revealed who the new lab intern will be:  Josh Cooke best known from the show Better With You.

Masuka's new lab assistant is Josh Cooke to play role of "Louis Greene" in upcoming 6th season of Dexter

TVLine also is reporting this extra tidbit regarding the character:

“computer genius and a bit arrogant about it.”

Catch Dexter Season 6 on premiering this fall on Showtime!

Dexter wants you know The Hulk isn’t the only one you wouldn’t like to see angry!

Production on Dexter Season Six is underway.  You’ve read tons of casting news and plotline tidbits on this blog over the last month or so.  Now it is time to hear from the man, the myth, the legend himself Dexter Morgan.  Seems like we aren’t the only ones that have been going through withdrawls.  Someone is ready to get back to their good ol’ ways. I’ll let Dexter do the rest of the talking:

Catch Dexter Season 6 this fall on Showtime! And as always keep checking back for even more casting news, promos, previews and footage as it becomes available!

Even more Dexter Season 6 casting news…..Molly Parker!

Thanks to TVLine for breaking the news that Molly Parker of from the HBO series Deadwood has officially joined Dexter Season 6 for a re-occurring role as the sister to Colin Hank’s character, the official scoop goes as follows: (Read entire report at TVline)

Molly Parker joins an already loaded cast for the 6th Season of Dexter!

“TVLine has exclusively learned that Parker will appear in several Season 6 episodes of the Showtime drama as Lisa Marshall, the sister of Colin Hanks’ mysterious new character, Travis.”

Those are the only details reported so far, so there might be more on the way in the future. Keep checking back for updates!