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Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #50 Halloween Special Parts 1 & 2

Hello folks,

Welcome to the big #50, and what better timing for the big 5-0 than our Halloween 2013 special, right?
This sucker is packed, so packed in fact that I split the episode into two for those that have a preference of what they want to get to first (but trust us, both will be worth it).  First off we have Corey, Jamie & Myself talking some Halloween shows and traditions from our past and present, what exactly do WE do on Halloween, all that good stuff….then I invite Doug & Robert Coker on to discuss a bunch of different haunts in California including Knott’s “Scary” Farm, Universal’s Hollywood Horror Nights, & much more……The season pass podcast was kind enough to invite me with them for these experiences and it will not be soon forgotten. Do yourself a favor and check out even more detailed coverage of the haunt season at http://www.seasonpasspodcast.com 
I hope everyone has another great Halloween, stay safe, but spooky!
Listen (Part 1) [audio http://media.blubrry.com/horrorphilia/p/horrorphilia.com/horrorphilia/Podcasts/EEP5001.mp3]
Listen (Part 2) [audio http://media.blubrry.com/horrorphilia/p/horrorphilia.com/horrorphilia/Podcasts/EEP5002.mp3]
Tonight’s guests:
Doug Barnes @theseasonpass  
Robert Coker @thrillridecom of www.seasonpasspodcast.com 
Your go-to podcast for Theme park discussion & commentary!  Your Ticket to Ride!
Evil Episode’s Cast

Mike Maryman

Jamie Jenkins
Midnight Corey
The Electric Chair: http://electricchairshow.com
Email: corey@midnightcorey.com
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Evil Episodes: Halloween 2012 Part 2 (recap)

Welcome back! Happy Happy Halloween! Part 2!

This is the 2nd part of our Halloween 2012 themed episode, although you would hardly know it because the conversation on this episode takes us all over the place.


We welcomeMike Murphy of Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts and Moe Porne of Drunk On VHS and No Budget Nightmares Podcasts to the show as special surprise guests and boy do they ever deliver the surprises.

This episode is absent the normal format of the show and is more just one giant conversation on a ton of different subjects pertaining tohorror. We hit up such things as Mockingbird Lane, Tiny Toons Ghoulish Gallery, Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin, the latest in Dexter, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, as well as trailers for World War Z, Hitchcock, & Maniac (remake). We also speak briefly on the much anticipated debut of the zombie apocalypse web-series Chronicles of the Dead (although in the future there will be more coverage and discussion given to it). All this and much more in a nearly 3 hour block of conversation.

Listen: [audio http://media.blubrry.com/horrorphilia/p/horrorphilia.com/horrorphilia/Podcasts/EEP29.mp3]

Download: Evil Episodes #29 – Halloween 2012 Part 2!

If you enjoyed the guests on this episode please show your appreciation by visiting them at the following locations:

Mike Murphy of Badasses Boobs and Bodycounts
@digitalhorror on Twitter

Moe Porne of Drunk on VHS and No Budget Nightmares Podcasts
couchcutter.com and dailygrindhouse.com
@DrunkOnVHS on Twitter 

You can contact the show via email at  evillepisodespodcast@hotmail.com or via the brand new voicemail line at 760-661-7384 We appreciate any and all feedback! You can also follow the podcast and website twitter account @EvilEpisodes as well as @NoCalMike and @Maven1974

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Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #28 Halloween 2012 Part 1

Greetings everyone and Happy Halloween!
This year there was so much stuff going on and around Halloween that we had to break our coverage into two parts.
This installment begins with Mike explaining away a couple of disasters that happened in the post-production of this particular episode and because of what, why the format will b slightly different than usual.  
After that we get right into the show as friend of the show and special guest Doug Barnes from @theseasonpass joins Mike at a local haunt called CEMETARIUM. We first get an explanation of Disaster #1 to hit this episode of the podcast, and then sort of a re-enactment of events that originally took place live at Cemetarium. Then it is on to the segment that was salvaged as we record a walkthrough of the haunt with listener to the show Jeremy, as he is mic’d up for the walkthrough. 
Next we welcome back again Midnight Corey of The Electric Chair Show podcast as he reviews The Midnight Hour with us, on his recommendation! Finally the show wraps up with the latest Tales from the Darkside segment as three more episodes are reviewed, including “Anniversary Dinner” which is one of my favorites of the entire series!
Please thank Doug Barnes, Midnight Corey, and Jeremy for joining us on this episode by checking out their websites and podcasts here:
Doug Barnes
Midnight Corey

You can contact the show via email at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com or via the brand new voicemail line at 760-661-7384 We appreciate any and all feedback!

You can also follow the podcast and website twitter account @EvilEpisodes as well as @NoCalMike and @Maven1974



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Happy Halloween from Evil Episodes!

Hey folks! The best month of the year caps off tonight with the grandaddy of them all, Halloween! I wish I had time this year to do something special for the website.  I’ve been in the process of starting a new job the last couple of weeks, and I did finally start said job last week so it has been an adjustment getting back into the grind of full-time work and finding the proper time into updating the website as well as the podcast (new episode recording next week).  At present time Evil Episodes is pretty much a one man show as far as the website goes, so when I get side tracked, the website suffers a bit.  I appreciate everyone visiting the site, listening to the podcast, leaving comments etc etc etc! Hopefully by this time next year I will have a couple people contributing to the site regularly which will broaden the content I can put out daily!

Whether you are trick or treating, going to a costume party, or staying at home watching scary movies all night (or all of the above) I hope you have another awesome Halloween in 2011!

Catch up on American Horror Story this Halloween October 31st!

For those that have heard the buzz, but have so far missed out on probably the most talked about new horror tv show of the season (so far) no need to fret. FX plans on a marathon of the first four episodes of the series. In addition, there is a special Halloween-themed 2 part episode planned airing first on the 26th, and the second part on Wednesday November 2nd. TDHorror reports the following:

“FX will air a special Halloween marathon of the new hit drama “American Horror Story” featuring the first four episodes of the series on Monday, October 31st, beginning at 10:00 PM E/P. In addition to the Halloween marathon, series co-creators and executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have produced a special two-part Halloween-themed episode in honor of the horror-filled holiday; the first hour airs Wednesday, October 26th, at 10:00 PM ET/PT, and the second airs Wednesday, November 2nd, at the same time. Feature film star Zachary Quinto (Star Trek) guest stars in both episodes as one of the house’s former owners.”

If you haven’t checked out American Horror Story yet, be sure to catch the marathon on Halloween Monday October 31st  to catch up with the rest of us…..(also so you can send me your thoughts on the show)

Credit: Truly Disturbing

When the lights go down in the theater,and the horror flicks start to plaaaay……there will be screams!

A big part of the campaigns from movies such as Paranomal Activity 1 & 2 was showing the audience reaction to the flicks in commercials and viral ads.  However, they are hardly the first movies to give the audiences a huge scare in the theater.  I can remember experiencing screams all around me when watching THE RING in the theater on opening night.  However going back even further, 1978 to be exact, the John Carpenter classic HALLOWEEN was terrifying audiences. A clip has been released online from a screening of the movie complete with audio of the crowd reacting. For all you horror movie goers, this will sound familiar:

Cool, eh?  Here is hoping that the Horror genre gets back into gear soon and continues to frighten audiences like this again!

Big Thanks to Cemetarium Haunted House & Terror In The Night Halloween Productions

Got a lot of cleaning & BBQing to do on this Labor Day Holiday so it will be pretty quiet on the website today, however I wanted to give a quick shout out to Frank & Troy of Cemetarium Haunted House & Terror In The Night Halloween Productions for having Jen &  Myself out to the site of their haunted attraction for a tour and interview this past Sunday.

Frank(left) & Troy(right) of Cemetarium Haunted House

The Cemetarium Haunted House opens October 1st and for an admission of only $8 it is probably the best value in town if you are looking to for some thrills & chills.

The interview will be featured on Evil Episodes #6 later this month, but until then if you are looking for more information on Cemetarium Haunted House, please check out the official website HERE and the Official Facebook Page HERE!