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Is TRUE BLOOD’S final season going out with a vampire apocalypse? See for yourself with latest teaser…

A couple months away from the premier of True Blood’s seventh, and final season. Details have been pretty mum thus far on exactly what the season will be about, but the final teaser seems to show some kind of vampire apocalypse going on after attacks from some of the more sinister vampires. Check out the latest trailer below….

True Blood season 7 premieres on June 22nd! on HBO!

NBC’s Dracula gets a trailer

Still wondering about how a network like NBC will handle the Dracula folklore? Look no further than below for the official trailer for the series that will be hitting NBC this fall….

[youtube http://youtu.be/0X-aKpvd9fQ]

Latest trailer for True Blood season 5 hits the web!

Watching this trailer, one of the things I am looking forward to the most is the vampire hierarchy that is going to be explored.  Personally, that is one of the most interesting aspects of the show that hasn’t got it’s due coverage, hopefully season 5 will give it a lot of coverage and the mythology will be explored more….check out the trailer below:

Did you miss the True Blood season 5 TV Spot that aired following Game of Thrones season 2 premiere?

True Blood is coming back with it’s 5th season this summer.  While we have been getting bits and pieces of what is to come, a main story arc breakdown has still been quite elusive.  Is there enough in the latest tv spot to try and figure it out?  You tell me….

MTV’s Death Valley looks to blend comedy with the supernatural horror says showrunner Eric Weinberg

MTV’s Death Valley premieres tonight on the network. From everything available about the show so far including the trailer it looks like it will be a parody of cops, but instead of the police officers busting petty drug offenders and domestic abusers, they will be tasked with ridding the streets of a fictional southern California town of Vampires, Zombies, & Werewolves.  To get prepared for the premiere later tonight, check out an excerpt from THP’s interview with showrunner Eric Weinberg:

THR: Death Valley feels like Reno 911 meets The Walking Dead and True Blood with dash of Teen Wolf for good measure. What makes Death Valley different?

Eric Weinberg: That’s not a bad way to look at it (laughs). Our show’s very different. I’m not taking anything away from those other shows: Walking Dead is really cool; True Blood is really cool. Our show is feels, looks and sounds different; it’s a different kind of show. We blend comedy and horror because Walking Dead and True Blood aren’t going for comedy. It’s just a different approach to it. I feel like there’s room for all of them right now. We’re not going to try to out-mythologize Walking Dead; we’re not going to try to out-sexy True Blood. We’re more rock ’n’ roll and we’re funnier.

THR: Any kind of plans to spoof True Blood or other genre fare?

Weinberg: I could see having some fun [with that] down the road. I would also never want to be perceived as taking a shot at anybody; they don’t deserve that. When they do anything that warrants taking a shot, then of course, but those shows have been really solid in their own right. We’re just getting the audience at this point starting to be aware of who we are. I don’t think the time has come for us to start to parody other shows that are pretty well-established.

For the full interview please visit The Hollywood Reporter, and be sure to check out DEATH VALLEY on MTV tonight!

Bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do…watcha gonna do when the MONSTER COPS come for you?

On the eve of MTV airing the brand new horror-comedy series “Death Valley” about cops in the San Fernando valley keeping the streets clean of  vampires, werewolves, and zombies, I think it is only fair for me to point out that I have recently discovered (thanks to some of my associates over at TRULYDISTURBING) that a similar show, on a much smaller budget, already sort of exists and quite frankly, stands on it’s own pretty damn solidly. Here is the trailer, which seems to blend just the right amount of horror, drama, & comedy:

What is writer Patrick A. Prejusa’s vision for MONSTER COPS? From the man himself:

“I’ve been writing, producing, directing, editing, and scoring this series since 2008. It’s a mockumentary about a secret government agency that investigates and destroys monsters. It’s shot COPS style, as a training video where the viewer is being treated as a new recruit. A camera crew following around these elite officers as they hunt down and kill Monsters, covertly, witnessing every bit of emotion that would come with the job, including a surprising amount of comedy, mixed in with the right amount of horror, and some endearing character driven drama.”

This type of project is definitely what fans of the horror genre should be supporting. While this might not convince you not to watch the bigger production shows on network tv, it is a good lesson in where originality in the genre sometimes resides, not in a big studio, not in a board meeting, but from fellow fans of the genre who have an idea and a drive to bring that idea to light for everyone else to enjoy! Monster Cops is a thrill ride of carnage & comedy, one that will keep you searching for more. (Good news, there are new episodes planned)

Be sure to check out Patrick Prejusa’s official youtube page HERE where you will be able to watch everything Monster Cops including full episodes, preview episodes, mini-sodes, and various other projects Patrick has worked on in the past and/or presently.  Also for everything MONSTER COPS, be sure to check out the official website at http://www.monstercops.com

Credit: Killer Aphrodite



The Dead vs. The Undead? “Suck & Moan” web-series makes it happen!

AlteredRealitiesRadio is interviewing Joel Bryant of the web series “Suck & Moan” tonight, so full credit goes to Robin & Julie for pointing me in the direction of this hilarious webseries.  How would Vampires handle a zombie apocalypse? SuckAndMoan explains below:

Suck and Moan” chronicles the stress filled situations brought upon a group of reluctant vampires, who are forced into a battle with fellow flesh eaters, after their only food source is threatened. Tossing aside the tiresome melodrama of recent vampire lore, this witty web series addresses the smaller, every day issues, facing the undead, and the dangers of over thinking a struggle against the brainless.

So far there are eight episodes for you to feed on, while prepping for Joel Bryant’s interview tonight.(with new episodes posted every Wednesday) Watch the trailer below then head to the official SuckAndMoan website for all the episodes, bios, and information you can sink your teeth into!

True Blood Season 4 Trailer: Vampires,Werewolves,Fairies..and now….

WITCHES!  Yep that’s right. In Season 3 of True Blood we were shown early signs of a possible Witch storyline brewing in the form of Lafayette’s love interest.  The trailer for Season 4 of True Blood leaves no doubt that the Witches are here and they want to play, and all indications show they will be a pretty good nemesis for Bon Temp’s Vampire population! Watch a few quick cuts of some highlights we can look forward to in Season 4 of True Blood!

Considering the Maryanne storyline from Season 2 felt close enough to resembling a “Witch” lets hope this new storyline does enough to separate itself. Season 4 debuts on HBO, June 26th!

Witches vs. Vampires! Lets hope the fans win!