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Inevitable confrontation between Rick & The Govneror tease in 5th promo for The Walking Dead’s Season 3 mid-season return

Readers of the comic  & watchers of the show alike know the confrontation between Rick & The Governor is inevitable as the situation between the Prison and Woodbury continues to escalate and heat up…..here is your first tease at a face to face showdown between the two….enjoy the latest promo for The Walking Dead’s Season 3 return next month….


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LVkFuYxwBaM]

The Walking Dead releases a 4th promo for Season 3’s second half, titled “The Suicide King”

This latest promo features the most new footage yet of any promo, clocking in at    around one minute. Looks like there will be some test of loyalty for certain characters in the remaining episodes of Season 3….check out the new promo below…


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6VillpEWw8I]

The Walking Dead serves up it’s latest poster for season 3…..

The Walking Dead returns for it’s 3rd season on October 14th and it is promising to be the most thrilling yet…here is the latest poster for the upcoming season..

A double-dose of Greg Nicotero from the set of season 3 of The Walking Dead….

The Walking Dead is rapidly readying it’s 3rd season and what would a zombie themed show be without the fantastic living dead makeup effects? Greg Nicotero shares his thoughts on preparing zombies for the upcoming season as well as a tour of some of the zombie head props from the past and future…..check out the video below and the interview after the jump!

[youtube http://youtu.be/4Xo84Z4uUdo]


Greg Nicotero talkes Zombies decaying in The Walking Dead season 3

Robert Kirkman talks Dale, The Governor, and more…..

After the events of this past episode of The Walking Dead, fans are certainly buzzing about a death not many saw coming.  With only two episodes left in the second season, the situation for the entire group is surely to be elevated, as the tension continues to rise.  IGN recently sat down with Robert Kirkman where he discussed a bunch of goodies. *Warning, possibly spoilers*

IGN Comics: Man. Really, really brutal episode. So right off the bat, because this is obviously what everyone’s going to be talking about. The group lost Dale in this episode, and in a very different way than the comics. After being such a proponent of keeping their humanity intact, how will the loss of that voice affect the group in terms or their decision making?

Robert Kirkman: The group is very much in a state of disarray. They’ve lost their moral compass to a certain extent. Keep in mind that every time that Rick and Shane have been butting heads, there is this aspect of Dale coming in and helping Rick form his decisions and keep them in line to a certain extent. In this episode in particular, you had everyone coming to the decision to kill this guy. It was only at the last minute when Rick saw how it was affecting his son that he backed away. But it was Dale the whole time that was saying, “We shouldn’t kill this guy. We need to retain our humanity.” He’s not going to be there the next time they come up against a decision like that.

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The Walking Dead casting news for……. The Governor!?!

Fans of The Walking Dead comic already know all about this character.  Without question, the most ruthless of villains to date, The Governor.  Looks like this character is slated to join the rank & file of the AMC TV series adaption of The Walking Dead in Season 3 which has spawned some casting rumors, including a horror genre legend….Find out who two of the leading choices are and which one of the two is actively campaigning for the role after the jump….

Who will be cast as The Governor in Season 3 of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead offers up a tense :30 preview of what’s to come in rest of Season 2!

The Walking Dead is back in a couple weeks. I must say, when the mid-season finale aired it felt like it would take forever, but time has passed by pretty fast. Check out this pretty thrilling preview of what’s to come when The Walking Dead resumes Sunday February 12th on AMC! (After the jump)

Shootin’ Yellin’ Crashin’ Dyin’ It’s all packed in the 30 second preview

Robert Kirkman talks Walking Dead midseason finale including: “you know who” being in the barn, Rick vs. Shane, The Farm, tons more…

For those that haven’t seen the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead Season 2, I highly recommend you go watch it before reading this interview, as it will spoil just about every major event that takes place over the course of the first half of the season.  Robert Kirkman sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss all sorts of tidbits about the finale as well as where the season will go from here.  If anything this interview will make all of us want February to get here fast….

The Hollywood Reporter: Sophia (Madison Lintz) was in the barn the whole time! How come Hershel never mentioned it?
Robert Kirkman: 
I don’t think that Hershel was ever doing a cataloging of the zombies. It was painful for him because his wife and son were also in the barn. It’s not like he was actually hanging out in there or paying attention to all the walkers that were in there. He knew they were looking for a girl named Sophia but who knows what zombies were are in there and how often they’d been put in there. Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince) was the one who was in charge and corralling them and putting them in there. So for all Hershel knew, Otis had put the Sophia zombie in there months ago.

THR: Was killing one of the comic’s original characters an easy one?
When a good idea comes up, you have to go with it. Sophia is a character who is still alive in the comic book series and who has contributed quite a bit to the overall narrative and informed a lot of story lines for a lot of different characters. Having Carol (Melissa McBride) survive her daughter as opposed to the other way around as it is in the comics is going to lead to interesting but different stories.

Robert Kirkman spills a lot more Walking Dead Season 2 tidbits after the jump

Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori) talks Rick vs. Shane, baby stuff, and midseason finale of The Walking Dead

This Sunday is the last we will see of The Walking Dead until the second half of the second season returns in February, yes it is already that time. Lori dropped a big bombshell on Rick in the last episode. What will be the repercussions? How will Rick & Shane move forward? What does this mean as far as trying to stay in a safe place (the farm)? Has Rick really known for awhile? Sarah Wayne Callies recently conducted an interview with Yahoo TV about these issues and more…

Now that Rick knows about the affair, how will that change things between them?

Sarah Wayne Callies: Andy and I have been playing with the idea for a while that Rick has known for a long time and it was a test of whether or not Lori would be honest with him and when and why. It actually opens the door for things to begin to heal for them. He deeply needed to hear her say that she thought he was gone. She wasn’t secretly burning a candle for Shane for the last eight years of their marriage.

You say he needed to hear that, but do you think that’s the truth? Lori doesn’t have any feelings for Shane?

Callies: I don’t think Shane ever crossed Lori’s mind as anything other than a dear friend until she was in his arms the night that Atlanta fell. There’s something about memory that’s really tricky, that when you go back to an event in your mind, it can actually change. Lori’s having a much harder time putting it out of her mind and putting Shane out of her mind than she ever would’ve anticipated, given that it was really just a purely physical thing at its inception.

Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman: Lori’s surprising results are only the beginningHow will Shane react to the pregnancy? Will he assume it’s his?

Callies: That’s her biggest fear right now, because there’s no way to be sure whose baby it is, unless it turns out that she’s two months pregnant and it happened before Rick was shot. But at this point, there’s no timeline, so she’s really afraid. Quite frankly, one of the reasons that she considered terminating the pregnancy is because it has the ability to tear these men apart, and that has huge implications not just to her personal life, but to everyone’s safety. There’s a part of her that’s afraid they might kill each other. This is the kind of thing men kill each other over.

Much more of the interview after the jump!

Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead sits down with AMC to talk zombie ears, crossbows & more!

Who’d have thought  that Daryl Dixon would have ended up as complex a character as he has become.  Being a character not featured in The Walking Dead comics, viewers and comic book enthusiasts alike were first introduced to his character after his older brother Merle was left on the rooftop in Atlanta.  This character has become pretty well rounded and gone through a ton of growth in such a small time, not to mention a fan favorite.  Norman Reedus the actor who plays Daryl answered a few questions for AMC’s blog about all things Daryl:

Q: “Chupacabra” is a pretty intense episode.

A: It’s like Deliverance meets Motorhead.

Q: In this episode, Daryl has a necklace of ears. Were you pleased with the necklace?

A: It’s a necklace of ears, man! Cutting off the ears is just Daryl getting angry and doing what he has to do to save himself. I love that he’s still like that.

Q: Last year you told us your challenge was to make a racist likeable. Now your character is a fan favorite. Have you enjoyed the switch?

A: I’ve tried to make him more of a multi-layered character — someone who can tear up and then try to knife you. He’s kind of like this wet little coyote that doesn’t know where he’s at and people are trying to reach over and pet him and he snaps back.

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