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Evil Episodes Podcast #6 True Blood Season 4; Also, Frank & Troy of Cemetarium Haunted Attraction!

Hi again folks, it’s your host Mike. On this episode Darrick & I give our thoughts on True Blood Season 4: Witches vs. Vampires and all the other crazy and whacky stuff that went on. I also lead off with some quick thoughts on Dead Island. Only having played about 2-3 hours of the game at the time of recording it is more of a rapid reaction to the start of the game. Full thoughts and review will come later on the site and a future episode of the show. After that I spoke with Frank & Troy of Cemetarium Haunted Attraction in Sacramento, CA (Fair Oaks, for the locals). I have a conversation with them about how they got started with haunted house building, what to expect this year at Cemetarium Haunted Attraction as well as future goals and what lies ahead for their production. They offer a lot of insight into what goes into making a haunted house for the public to enjoy. For more information on the Cemetarium Haunted Attraction as well as Frank & Troy’s production company please visit:

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Comic-Con gives us a more in-depth preview of things to come on True Blood’s 4th season!

How is everyone enjoying the 4th season of True Blood so far?  Regardless of your answer, I think things are going to start picking up pretty quick according to the new preview that just made it’s debut at Comic-Con. Check it out:

Nice to see the lead witch is going to become a formidable foe for the vampires. I was a little worried thus far based on what we’ve seen so far, but that preview but my uneasiness to rest!  True Blood Season 4 every Sunday at 6pm PST on HBO!

HBO making True Blood Season 4’s second episode available immediately after episode 1 airs…(on HBO Go)

HBO is really doing a hard-sell for True Blood season 4.  Beginning a month or so ago, it has been rare more than a day or two has gone by that we are not give a new promo, poster, clip, or even full out preview for Season 4.  Now a somewhat entirely new concept is taking place.  Immediately after the first episode of the season airs this Sunday, those of us who simply can’t wait a week for episode 2 will be given access to immediately watch it on HBO’s new on-demand channel HBO GO  This is probably a push to advertise the site itself as much as True Blood as HBO probably feels this new option is a great new way to get new subscribers by giving them access to all of their original series (as well as other content) on the go…….Of course the only downside is if you go ahead and watch the second episode right away then you get to wait two weeks until episode 3, so I guess you can pick your poison on that decision, right?

HBO not finished getting us ready for Season 4 of True Blood just yet….

With less than a week until the Season 4 you might think HBO was finished throwing out footage to wet our appetites in anticipate. Well, you would be wrong. Watch a couple more promos below, and get ready for the season premiere this Sunday…..

and then….

True Blood premieres this Sunday June 26th on HBO!

2…4…6…8…Yep, 8 minutes of True Blood Season 4! The first 8 minutes to be exact!

A week or so ago HBO was kind enough to give everyone having True Blood withdrawals a sneak peek at the first six minutes of the show. Somewhere along the line I suppose the people expressed to the network that they wanted more, and they wanted it now.  HBO has delivered, with an even bigger piece of the season 4 premiere pie. Here ya go:

With the season 4 premiere just a little over a week away, that might finally be it for preview footage so watch it as many times as you like and get set for the return of the Vampire/Werewolf/Fairy, and now apparently Witchcraft series, True Blood!