Has “Bag of Bones” mini-series landed a high profile set of bones for the show?

Following up on an earlier report on the mini-serires BAG OF BONES, it is not being reported that there may be an A-list actor now attached to the series. SEAANDBESCENE has this to say by way of DEADLINETV:

“For weeks now we’ve wondered, called, researched and dug to solve the mystery of who will star in Stephen Kings’ much anticipated mini-series Bag of Bones…and we’re pretty sure we’ve nailed it.

Last November it was announced thatBrosnan had signed a development deal with Sony Pictures with plans to create a ‘PI’ style show.”

Pierce Brosnan set to play Mike Noonan in BAG OF BONES

As long as the semantics are all worked out, this would be a huge grab for the mini-series. Lets all cross our fingers, and keep checking back for more news as it is reported! For the complete report visit SEAANDBESCENE as well as the article that helped put it all together at DEADLINETV.

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