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Robert Kirkman talks Dale, The Governor, and more…..

After the events of this past episode of The Walking Dead, fans are certainly buzzing about a death not many saw coming.  With only two episodes left in the second season, the situation for the entire group is surely to be elevated, as the tension continues to rise.  IGN recently sat down with Robert Kirkman where he discussed a bunch of goodies. *Warning, possibly spoilers*

IGN Comics: Man. Really, really brutal episode. So right off the bat, because this is obviously what everyone’s going to be talking about. The group lost Dale in this episode, and in a very different way than the comics. After being such a proponent of keeping their humanity intact, how will the loss of that voice affect the group in terms or their decision making?

Robert Kirkman: The group is very much in a state of disarray. They’ve lost their moral compass to a certain extent. Keep in mind that every time that Rick and Shane have been butting heads, there is this aspect of Dale coming in and helping Rick form his decisions and keep them in line to a certain extent. In this episode in particular, you had everyone coming to the decision to kill this guy. It was only at the last minute when Rick saw how it was affecting his son that he backed away. But it was Dale the whole time that was saying, “We shouldn’t kill this guy. We need to retain our humanity.” He’s not going to be there the next time they come up against a decision like that.

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Zombie Murder Explosion Die Episode 1: Arcade Fire now online!

Awhile ago I posted a trailer for an upcoming animated zombie web series titled Zombie Murder Explosion Die. The trailer was all sorts of badass and promised that each episode would include aspects of the title within it’s running time….happy to say that the first episode delivers as promised!

Synopsis: Jack drops the gang off at an abandoned arcade. Chance and Robbie battle for domination on their favorite arcade game: Dance Magic Dance!

For much more on this new zombie production including information on the crew check out their youtube page here!

Also, some exciting news regarding this ZOMBIE MURDER EXPLOSION DIE and the podcast, which I will get into briefly on the upcoming episode set to release this Saturday! Be sure to listen!

Steve Niles “REMAINS” gets a premiere date on Chiller! (So does new series THE FUTURE OF FEAR)

The zombie apocalyptic tale Remains is one of two original movies CHILLER network plans to air in the near future and now it finally has an air date:  Friday December 16th at 10pm….here is the synopsis from Chiller’s website:

“Based on the IDW Publishing graphic novel written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and illustrated by Kieron Dwyer, Remains is set in a chilling post-apocalyptic Reno, Nevada, and follows the survivors of a bizarre accident that reduced most of the world’s population to zombies. The group takes refuge in a vacant casino and fights a losing battle against the undead, who grow steadily stronger, smarter and more aggressive by the minute.”

Also, a new original series called “The Future of Fear” airing Friday, November 25 at 8 PM goes as follows:

“Why do we love to be scared? What makes a truly great horror film? This two-hour special will delve into the compelling mysteries at the heart of the horror genre. Featuring commentary from greatest horror storytellers of all time, including John Carpenter, Wes Craven, George Romero, Anne Rice, Alan Ball and John Landis, The Future of Fear will take a look back at where horror has taken us, its place in mainstream American culture and what’s on the horizon for one of the most enduring and popular genres of all time.”

This is only the beginning for original programming on Chiller, as Chiller 13: Creepiest Kids as well as Ghoul will also be airing in the near future. For more on all of these upcoming movies & series visit Chiller’s website!

Credit: Chiller

Fulci’s classic film ZOMBIE aka Zombi 2 looks to eat up audiences one more time!

Evil Episodes is primarily for covering TV-based horror as well as horror-related web content and video games and horror comics thrown in as well, but I’ve said before, being a fan of the horror genre as a whole, I will reserve the right to cover theatrical movies when I feel like it….

Fulci’s ZOMBIE is a movie that I have had a long history with.  The first time I see it was on VHS rented from the video store.  Trying to watch it at 3am with my friend Shawn. This was before the internet so all we really had to go by was what the description on the box art said.  Up to that point we both kind of felt “zombie” was just too generic of a title so we would pass on it routinely on our trips to the video store.  Finally we decided to give it a shot and were blown away, big time.

The next big memory of  seeing it was a handful of years ago on the big screen at the TRASH FILM ORGY.  Seeing it with a crowd that had also probably seen it a bunch of times also was quite an experience. The crowd was was wild and the event organizers put on a live stage show of the infamous Zombie vs. Shark scene.  Something you had to see to believe!

Now with ZOMBIE’s blu ray release on the near horizon, the film is getting a 2-night theatrical release in select cities across the country.  Hopefully if it isn’t screening in your city, you are in close driving distance and will be able to witness the new HD print and sound on the big screen.  Here is a the re-release trailer as well as a listing of screenings:

*October 21st & 22nd
(except where otherwise noted)

Guild Cinema (Oct. 28 & 29)

Plaza Theatre

Alamo The Ritz (Oct. 24 & 31)

Alamo S. Lamar (Oct. 30)

Coolidge Corner Theatre

Music Box Theatre (also Oct. 28 & 29)

Capitol Theatre (Oct. 15)

Landmark Inwood Theatre

Landmark Esquire

Landmark Main Art

Landmark River Oaks

5 Points Theatre

Tivoli Cinemas

Theatre 7 (Oct. 31)

New Beverly Cinema

The Royale

Landmark Uptown (Nov. 4 & 5)

Landmark’s Sunshine

Mayfair Theatre

Landmark Ritz

The Oaks Theater

Hollywood Theatre

Crest Theatre

Alamo Westlakes

Landmark Ken Cinema

Roxie Theater (Oct. 29 – 31)

Landmark Egyptian

Hi-Pointe Theatre

The Beach Theatre

The Revue Cinema (Oct. 22 & 31)

The Loft Cinema

Landmark E Street Cinema

Warren Old Town Theater (Oct. 24 & 25)

Alamo Drafthouse Winchester

Park Theatre Cafe (Oct. 13)

Little Art Theatre (Oct. 22)

Remember “Zombie” by The Cranberries? What if it was about the undead coming back to life!?

I grew up during the 90’s. One of the more memorable songs from that decade was “Zombie” by The Cranberries.  From the over the top vocal whaling during the chorus to lead singer Dolores O’Riordan covered in gold paint in the video…..I can remember a fair share of people walking around going “zomb-ay ay ay, O O O” once the song became the typical overplayed track on the radio.  In all seriousness though the song was addressing some pretty heavy material with it’s lyrics. Well, what if someone took the song and made a more literal version based off the title “Zombie” ?  That is exactly what Bay Area Rocker Lizzie Pyxx did with her parody of the song. Check it out:

Movie clips from the video include:  Night of the Living DeadVengeance of the Zombies, and Oasis of the Zombies.  I got a pretty good chuckle from the video, how about you?

Credit: Movies

The Walking Dead set visit “First Zombie” of season 2

The Walking Dead’s AMC blog page is certainly offering up no shortage of content in anticipation for season 2 of the show.  In this short video we hear from horror makeup effects legend Greg Nicotero as he gushes over a pair of zombie’s creepy wide eyes that really stood out on set:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Catch all the Walking Dead set visits and interviews leading up to the 2nd season of the show at AMC’s Official Walking Dead blog!