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“The Stuff” review. Magical goo makes for a new tasty low calorie snack! It’s all the rage!

Do you occasionally enjoy your horror movie to be a cornball affair? Everything can’t be so serious and “doom & gloom” all the time right?  We have to reserve some of our horror watching for the lighter-side of things. It is with that, I present you with my review for 1985’s THE STUFF!

“The boy is so convinced that he ends up destroying the carton of “The Stuff” but that’s not enough.  This boy is one determined little runt.  He makes his way to the local grocery store and decides today is the day he comes a man.  He finds “The Stuff” in the freezer, in the aisle, on the shelves, and goes to town creating a huge mess. Now lemme tell ya, I wasn’t quite sure if this grocery store stocked anything besides “The Stuff” by the time this scene was over. All this effort was for not as “The Stuff” remained a growing phenomenon. It was all the rage!”

Do you need more of “THE STUFF” to satisfy your cravings? Check out the full review at ALTEREDREALITIESRADIO by clicking the image below!

A movie named Amusement….should at least be Amusing, no? Here are my thoughts…

This week I reviewed a movie named Amusement.  There was a creepy clown on the box cover art.  Creepy clowns are usually a sure thing in horror flicks.  The movie itself might suck but at least the creepy clown will usually provide some thrills & chills for viewers, especially those prone to a fear of clowns in the first place.  Did this movie offer anything more than a creepy clown….?

“Shelby, Tabitha & Lisa each have their own segment of the movie dedicated to being stalked and captured.  Each one sort of resembles a classic tale of horror we have seen and/or heard of before, perhaps many times.  However that isn’t a problem in this movie as for two-thirds of the flick the story(s) is presented pretty effective and creepy. Shelby’s story is the classic tale of trouble on the road with strangers, while Tabitha’s is re-telling of the infamous babysitter in peril with a clown-tastic twist that is surely to give all you clown-a-phobes a thrill and the heebie jeebies! (And for me the strongest act of the movie)”

Well hey now, I can’t go and give away the answer to that question just yet, right? Haha! For the full review click the image below!


2006’s Sheitan (Satan) – Reviewed

Anytime you press play on a french horror flick you can almost be assured of one thing: weirdness.  Beyond that it is usually a mixed bag. Some of them go for the hardcore gore, some then to just be more disturbing and odd. Which side does SHEITAN fall more into? Read a small excerpt from my review:

“A couple over-aggressive advances, curse words, broken bottles, and security bouncers later, the group of friends find themselves kicked out of the club and not sure where the night will take them next…..until that is the attractive girl from the bar, Eve, joins them outside and invites them all to her house way out in the country for the weekend. Now, I am not master geographer or anything but from my experience “way out in the country” in a French horror film is NEVER a good idea, but since our cast is not aware they are in a french horror flick they all agree to take Eve up on the invitation and off they go…..”

Find out my full thoughts on the movie SHEITAN by clicking the image below which will take you to it and all my other reviews which are posted on a weekly basis (most of the time) on AlteredRealtiesRadio!

The Mist: black & white version – Reviewed

With the blessing of Robin & Julie @ AlteredRealitiesRadio, I took that week off to dedicate to prepping the podcast and everything that comes along with that. Because this review is out pretty early this week I might find something on netflix to watch and review for an additional review this week.

I saw THE MIST in the theater and enjoyed it. When I learned of a black & white version being included in the blu ray release I was really intrigued and thought this could be the perfect movie to watch in that format. Monster movies in general have sort of a throw-back feel to them and I thought this might be a great to watch the movie a second time and getting something brand new out of it. Check out a small excerpt below:

“As predicted this immediately divides the group between folks believing the news and being more scared as a result, those thinking this is some sort of prank and then we have Mrs. Carmody…oooooh Mrs. Carmody. Just when you have your hands full with the folks who don’t believe, you get a believer all right. Except what she believes in is that the mist and these creatures are part of the beginning of Armageddon, and boy is she every convinced. “

You just gotta read more about this Mrs. Carmody chick, right? Click on the image below to be taken to the full review at AlteredRealitiesRadio in the horror vault. Also as aspecial treat below the review are some horror factoids provided by SAM S aka @TheHORRORMan138 so be sure to check those out!

Black Death: My Review.

Took me way longer to see this flick than I anticipated but alas, I’ve finally seen it!  I had heard tons of positive feedback on this movie, would it be so much that it would make the expectations to high? Check out a small sample of the review below:

“Before the group even makes it to the village the journey experiences a few pitfalls, as one in the group ends up falling ill to the plague and has to be slain by his fellow soldier. We also get a dose of what the leader of the soldiers (Ulric) brand of justice is when he is thrust into what could be considered a moral dilemma which wasn’t going to end happy for a young woman regardless of Ulric’s intervention or not.”

Please check out the full review of Black Death at AlteredRealitiesRadio the website in which I write these horror movie reviews for! Tell ’em Mike sent ya too! Click on the image below to be whisked away into medieval times for the full review:

SAW V – Review: That wall that’s been hit? Now it’s been knocked down and run over.

Last week I basically laid out why I felt SAW IV had hit the proverbial “wall” in the series. The bleeding however, continues. SAW V is what I feel, the weakest entry in the series. Since you are all back read for yourselves and tell me if you agree or not.  Here’s a small excerpt:

 “This time around however there is a twist because of the fact it isn’t Jigsaw solely behind the setups anymore there doesn’t seem to be such thing as “surviving a trap” any longer. Nope, our victim actually has his hands crushed as his sacrifice and still gets chopped in half by a huge swinging pendulum.  I’ll admit, this was a pretty cool opening, so where exactly does the movie go wrong?”

Well…just how does it go wrong, right? Click the image below for the full review of SAW V!

SAW III – It’s a Trilogy, bitches! My Review.

My review for SAW III has been posted at AlteredRealitiesRadio.  If you were paying attention, last week I took a hiatus due to a hectic schedule that sort of got out of control towards the end of the week. However, no worries I am back with entry number three in this retrospective review series. What tricks does Jigsaw have up his sleeve, how is Amanda’s apprenticeship turning out, how about those traps, huh?  Check out a small excerpt below:

With Jigsaw so sick, he needs a doctor for constant care, so he was rush to the hospital by Amanda, right? Nope. They kidnapped a doctor and brought her to them because in Jigsaw’s world he is allowed to do these things in order to full-fill his own games, although really these types of actions should probably land him his own moral dilemma puzzles for his efforts

Ready for more? Check out the full review by clicking the Image:

 Also, be sure to check out AlteredRealitiesRadio tonight for the live show at 7:30pm (pacific time) which is sure to be an epic episode as they interview Denise Gossert the founder/director of Shriekfest!