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Desk job got you down? Kill some time(literally) with a whole bunch of zombie games!

Being that I cover horror-based games on for this website, I think it is only fair to include the entire spectrum (at least the entire spectrum that I can get my hands on and personally try out) and that includes anything from the newest console game, to something as simple a board game.  Today I am happy to share with all of you a pretty kick-ass site:  ZOMBIESGAMES24

Most of the games on this website are flash-based. As you can imagine that means some of them such as  crowd favorite LAST STAND  can be pretty fun, while a a handful of others might be downright dreadful.  Spend time playing the role of the President in OBAMA vs. ZOMBIES, or if that doesn’t have you intrigued, how about playing as a zombie, trying to fight for your own undead survival in the game SONNY.  No matter what you decide to sink your keyboard & mouse into, ZOMBIESGAMES24 is definitely going to help get you through any day in the office and have you on your way to fighting the living dead masses off the clock! (To visit ZOMBIESGAMES24 click the banner above or go right to LAST STAND game by clicking banner below)