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3NFilm’s Chronicles of the Dead debuts it’s first episode of the zombie apocalypse web series “Apocalypse”

I’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile. We’ve been getting little nuggets of behind the scenes footage every so often for the past six months or so, and finally here it is, the pilot episode of the new zombie web series Chronicles of the Dead!

“A horrific account chronicling the breakdown of society and the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.”

[youtube http://youtu.be/BtgIPJT2s20]

Directed by: Brian Hernandez
Written by: Younger Robbins & Brian Hernandez
Produced by: Erin Cathcart, Younger Robbins, Brian Hernandez
Edited by: Collin McDowell
Starring: Anastasia Leddick
Director of Photography: George Hernandez
1st Assistant Director: William Lambe
2nd Assistant Director: Amanda Szot
Production Designer: Erin Cathcart
Art Department: Ellen Fetterman, Daniel Mendez
Grips: Jon Marsch, Robert Moreno, Richard Satoru Brown
Special Effects Supervisor: Myke Michaels
Key Makeup Artist: Kylie Van Hoosier
Makeup Artists: Lexie Almanzar, Sophie Pratt
Production Assistants: Julian Cedron, Eric Eickholt, Cassandra Almeroth
Sound: Jon Marsch

For more about this excellent web series please visit:

http://www.twitter.com/3NFilms —
— https://www.facebook.com/ChroniclesoftheDead —
— http://www.chroniclesofthedead.net —
— http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2163233/ —

Chronicles of the Dead…..a new zombie web series……2 teasers now available!

From 3Nfilms comes a new zombie web series called Chronicles of the Dead. Not a ton of information is known yet however the brief synopsis from their facebook page is as follows

“Three friends are caught off guard by a zombie apocalypse and must do what they can to survive in this gruesome nightmare of a world.”

They have also put out two teaser trailers for the show that I have posted below:

Pretty kick ass, huh?  For more info on where to get information on the new web series check out their official page HERE and the Chronicles of The Dead Facebook page! And be sure to follow the production company on Twitter @3Nfilms for all the latest news on Chronicles of the Dead!

Zombie Murder Explosion Die Episode 1: Arcade Fire now online!

Awhile ago I posted a trailer for an upcoming animated zombie web series titled Zombie Murder Explosion Die. The trailer was all sorts of badass and promised that each episode would include aspects of the title within it’s running time….happy to say that the first episode delivers as promised!

Synopsis: Jack drops the gang off at an abandoned arcade. Chance and Robbie battle for domination on their favorite arcade game: Dance Magic Dance!

For much more on this new zombie production including information on the crew check out their youtube page here!

Also, some exciting news regarding this ZOMBIE MURDER EXPLOSION DIE and the podcast, which I will get into briefly on the upcoming episode set to release this Saturday! Be sure to listen!

New horror series JESSA KILL hits the web with it’s debut episode “Zombie Zoo Keeper”

From writer/director/creator/editor Justin Brooks comes the new horror web series JESSA KILL starring Ally Tully in the lead role of Jessa Kill  “a mean spirited, bad-ass babe in a world where hair dye and make-up have been replaced with guns and ammo”   Check out the intense first episode below, which by the end, promises plenty of zombie killing action in future episodes!

Episode 1 synopsis:

The first look into an ongoing Zombie apocalyptic sexploitation grindhouse horror series. Jessa finds herself captured and tortured by a mad man. Is she going to let this go unpunished?…… I don’t fucking think so!!

Be sure to check out the official website for JESSA KILL for daily updates and new episodes!  This is going to be a series to keep an eye on for a long time!


Meet Jim Goza host of ZombieGoBoom…in their latest video!

If you’ve seen any episode of ZombieGoBoom thus far, then you are certainly no stranger to the eccentric and enthusiastic host of the series, Jim Goza.  In the latest episode, host Jim Goza explains what the web series is about as well as a short preview of things to come on future episodes: Watch it right here below:

As always you can watch everything ZombieGoBoom at their official youtube page, as well as keep up to date on the latest discussions, contests, giveaways etc at ZombieGoBoom’s facebook page!  I really hope to get these guys on the podcast for a chat in the future!