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ZombieGoBoom episode #2 “Records” gets tossed onto the web!

It was a mere few days ago that I discovered ZombieGoBoom, a living dead survivalist take on Mythbusters . (HERE) Now comes the next episode in the series which takes a look at how vinyl records hold up as weapons against zombies in real life. Watch the episode below:

Pretty neat, huh? As always you can catch the show on the ZombieGoBoom YouTube channel where you can get a full synopsis of the show,  all the information on cast & crew, updates for when the next episode comes out and everything else that is on the horizon for these guys.  If you enjoyed this episode please subscribe to their youtube channel, and leave them some feedback on the page. They also have an official facebook page: HERE! Please go there and “Like” the show! As well, you an follow the show on Twitter: @ZombieGoBoom