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True Blood Season 4 Trailer: Vampires,Werewolves,Fairies..and now….

WITCHES!  Yep that’s right. In Season 3 of True Blood we were shown early signs of a possible Witch storyline brewing in the form of Lafayette’s love interest.  The trailer for Season 4 of True Blood leaves no doubt that the Witches are here and they want to play, and all indications show they will be a pretty good nemesis for Bon Temp’s Vampire population! Watch a few quick cuts of some highlights we can look forward to in Season 4 of True Blood!

Considering the Maryanne storyline from Season 2 felt close enough to resembling a “Witch” lets hope this new storyline does enough to separate itself. Season 4 debuts on HBO, June 26th!

Witches vs. Vampires! Lets hope the fans win!