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So you haven’t been quite moved to pick up a PS3 Move adapter yet? Until Dawn may change that!

I’ll admit it, I haven’t yet dove into the PS3 move yet. I have tinkered with it a bit on a friend’s system, and it was an okay experience. I think the issue is that being a Nintendo Wii owner as well I never felt that the PS3 move did enough on it’s own to bother with another motion controller. However, that may be changing soon with the new game UNTIL DAWN!

Until Dawn features all the elements you’d expect from your favourite teen horror movies: a script that’s funny, sexy and scary; a beautiful young cast; an isolated location; a devious killer; a dark secret and of course that all-important twist. Developed exclusively for PlayStation 3 by Supermassive Games, Until Dawn will make you look at your Move Motion Controller in a totally different way, as it becomes your torch guiding you through the dark as you attempt to survive Until Dawn.

This sort of sounds like you are playing the role of a member of “the teenagers” in a slasher film.  On the surface it sounds like an awesome idea. However I also see there being a ton of variables that could make the game a winner or not.  Will it be catered to a younger audience, the way most slasher flicks of the modern era are? Will it be void of blood and gore? Harsh Language? Etc etc etc…..pretty much will it be void of all the things we as adult horror fans want in our horror movies/games?  Also, being a game that seems to play like a slasher flick, will it have a short running time, aka the length of a typical slasher flick?  I noticed in the game notes you can play as any of the 7 characters so I’d imagine there might be some replay ability, but to me that becomes null if all seven characters go through the exact same story/path which leaves the player with nothing new for each play through.

With that said, here is the trailer which I think looks promising and I love the idea that the motion controller will be the player’s torch….hopefully we get more details soon!