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Latest trailer for True Blood season 5 hits the web!

Watching this trailer, one of the things I am looking forward to the most is the vampire hierarchy that is going to be explored.  Personally, that is one of the most interesting aspects of the show that hasn’t got it’s due coverage, hopefully season 5 will give it a lot of coverage and the mythology will be explored more….check out the trailer below:

Check out the TRUE BLOOD season 5 poster to making waiting suck a bit less….

True Blood’s “off season” campaign has usually been the moniker “Waiting Sucks” and while that is certainly true for fans of the hit HBO series, we are now under a month away from the season 5 premiere. The post for the series has been officially released. It’s pretty inconspicuous, not giving much away, but that has been the trend.  What do you think?

Be sure to tune into HBO on June 10th for the Season 5 Premiere!

Did you miss the True Blood season 5 TV Spot that aired following Game of Thrones season 2 premiere?

True Blood is coming back with it’s 5th season this summer.  While we have been getting bits and pieces of what is to come, a main story arc breakdown has still been quite elusive.  Is there enough in the latest tv spot to try and figure it out?  You tell me….

True Blood season 5 teaser is just that……nibble away now!

There isn’t much to the teaser for True Blood season 5 that just hit the internet a handful of hours ago.  Might be a good thing though as it is meant to barely wet the appetite…check it out below:

Settle down everyone, the trailer is not eluding to a zombie outbreak in Bon Temp, Louisiana.  Most likely it is referencing the return of the most badass vampire in the show so far, the great Russell Edgington!