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The Walking Dead season 3 gets a lengthy trailer, manages not to spoil the goods!

Probably the most anticipated return of horror to TV is The Walking Dead’s third season which premiere’s October 14th. With Comic-Con taking place as I type this it was pretty much assured we were going to get some type of new footage of show to satisfy our appetites, and boy did they ever deliver….this season 3 preview clocks in at just over four minutes and what it manages to do so well is give us a bunch of footage without really spoiling anything that we didn’t already know was going to be happening throughout the season….check it out below:

[youtube http://youtu.be/V9_lkap-uFA]

Hell yes! October 14th!  DISH network better have AMC back by then…..

Behind-The-Scenes look at Season 3 of The Walking Dead includes a T-Dog sighting! *exhale*

Yes folks, we can all breathe deeply, T-Dog is safe and sound….for now.

The Walking Dead season 3 will be returning to AMC this fall and shooting has begun.  We get to hear from some of the cast regarding the prison which looks to be a darker and much more dreary setting than the farm. The group is getting desperate and seems willing to settle for more bleak of a setting, check out the video below:

The cast of The Walking Dead reflects on the past and looks forward to Season 3!

Hot off the heels of the zombie-packed season finale of The Walking Dead’s season 2, AMC has supplied the fans with a video of some members of the cast reflecting on the second season and looking forward to the events to come in Season 3. ***Warning, if you haven’t seen the season 2 finale yet, some of the of this video might serve up some spoilage***

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Is it me or did they brighten up the shot of the prison at the very end to make it look brighter than it was during the actual broadcast of the show? Ahh well.

The Walking Dead will say ” ‘allo Guv-nah” in season 3!

That’s right, it is now official. The character of The Governor, easily the most evil and sadistic character in the entire comic series up to now (or at least 80 issues in, where I am currently caught up to) is coming in Season 3 and has finally been cast. David Morissey will attack the role.

What does everyone think? For those who have read the comic, is there any way AMC can properly get into the details of how off his rocker the character of The Governor was in the comic? Do you expect the character to be slightly changed or modified in order to be acceptable for basic television?