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Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #62 Choking on Kool-Aid

We now return you to your regularly scheduled podcast; it’s Evil Episodes #62!

On this installment we officially welcome Brian back for the first time as a permanent co-host on the show (as if you all didn’t want this to happen, right?) Yes, the show is officially going to four co-hosts once Corey returns! We open the show with a few short news items and a discussion on watching Horror TV vs. All in one shot on netflix/DVR. Where do you stand on this?

 Ti West’s The Sacrament is discussed, reviewed, dissected etc etc……..and we give our thoughts on NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby remake as well as Hannibal’s S2 finale discussion & finish out with some Penny Dreadful gushing…….baby-satan, cults, cannibals, and monsters…..oh my!
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Thanks for Listening and as always….Don’t Touch That Dial!!!