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Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #63 Once is Not WNUF!

No need to adjust your dials, Evil Episodes Podcast is back!

On episode #63 of the show we invite special guest Duncan McLeish from The Podcast Under the Stairs onto the show for the first time. We start off with a video game heavy news segment due to being only a week removed from E3 2014, trailers for Dead Island 2, The Order, Alien Isolation & more! We then introduce Duncan to the podcast properly with a discussion on Asylum’s Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys (forgive us Duncan) and then close out with a review of the WNUF Halloween special which features a lot of gushing and trips down memory lane for the four of us. All this and more including a brand new Cthulu book that Brian gets all giddy promoting!


Download: EEP #63

You can contact the show via email at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com or via the brand new voicemail line at 760-661-7384 We appreciate any and all feedback!
Tonight’s Guest:
Duncan McLeish
Podcast Under the Stairs Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/588465651203499/
Evil Episodes Cast:

Mike Maryman


Jamie Jenkins


Midnight Corey


Brian Sammons

Thanks for Listening and as always….Don’t Touch That Dial!!!