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The Mist: black & white version – Reviewed

With the blessing of Robin & Julie @ AlteredRealitiesRadio, I took that week off to dedicate to prepping the podcast and everything that comes along with that. Because this review is out pretty early this week I might find something on netflix to watch and review for an additional review this week.

I saw THE MIST in the theater and enjoyed it. When I learned of a black & white version being included in the blu ray release I was really intrigued and thought this could be the perfect movie to watch in that format. Monster movies in general have sort of a throw-back feel to them and I thought this might be a great to watch the movie a second time and getting something brand new out of it. Check out a small excerpt below:

“As predicted this immediately divides the group between folks believing the news and being more scared as a result, those thinking this is some sort of prank and then we have Mrs. Carmody…oooooh Mrs. Carmody. Just when you have your hands full with the folks who don’t believe, you get a believer all right. Except what she believes in is that the mist and these creatures are part of the beginning of Armageddon, and boy is she every convinced. “

You just gotta read more about this Mrs. Carmody chick, right? Click on the image below to be taken to the full review at AlteredRealitiesRadio in the horror vault. Also as aspecial treat below the review are some horror factoids provided by SAM S aka @TheHORRORMan138 so be sure to check those out!