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Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #28 Halloween 2012 Part 1

Greetings everyone and Happy Halloween!
This year there was so much stuff going on and around Halloween that we had to break our coverage into two parts.
This installment begins with Mike explaining away a couple of disasters that happened in the post-production of this particular episode and because of what, why the format will b slightly different than usual.  
After that we get right into the show as friend of the show and special guest Doug Barnes from @theseasonpass joins Mike at a local haunt called CEMETARIUM. We first get an explanation of Disaster #1 to hit this episode of the podcast, and then sort of a re-enactment of events that originally took place live at Cemetarium. Then it is on to the segment that was salvaged as we record a walkthrough of the haunt with listener to the show Jeremy, as he is mic’d up for the walkthrough. 
Next we welcome back again Midnight Corey of The Electric Chair Show podcast as he reviews The Midnight Hour with us, on his recommendation! Finally the show wraps up with the latest Tales from the Darkside segment as three more episodes are reviewed, including “Anniversary Dinner” which is one of my favorites of the entire series!
Please thank Doug Barnes, Midnight Corey, and Jeremy for joining us on this episode by checking out their websites and podcasts here:
Doug Barnes
Midnight Corey

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Thanks for Listening and as always….Don’t Touch That Dial!!!