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TellTale’s 4th Episode of The Walking Dead game titled “Around Every Corner” gets a new trailer….

The first three episodes of the game have been pretty fantastic. The character development that The Walking Dead property is known for definitely has carried over. Each episode has managed to get progressively darker in tone and the chance of survival for Lee, Clementine, and the rest of the group has become increasingly bleak……however that aint nothing compared to what Episode 4 “Around Every Corner” has in store….looks like the group may have to go through their worst experience yet on their adventure to make it to the coast…..watch the trailer below:

[youtube http://youtu.be/I2MA13bas7o]

The Walking Dead video game gets a website and behind the scenes web series!

Ever since the first screenshot of Telltale’s upcoming Walking Dead video game was released months ago, everyone has been chomping at the bit for more details.  Well that day has finally come. The Walking Dead game has an official website located here: http://www.telltalegames.com/walkingdead/page1

And a web series entitled Playing Dead that goes behind the scenes of making the game: Offical Synopsis is as follows:

“Learn about the game by watching PLAYING DEAD, a video series that takes you behind the scenes of the creation of the upcoming The Walking Dead video game based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic series. Playing Dead is the online source for exclusive looks at The Walking Dead video game and interviews with the talent responsible for bringing the world of The Walking Dead to life. ”

Here is episode 1: