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This Saturday, Zombies will rise on SYFY as the network premieres original movie “Rise of the Zombies”

Zombies here, Zombies there, Zombies eeeeeeeeverywhere!  That is kind of the trend in horror lately. From the big budget movies, to the the premium networks on cable/satellite.  SYFY network looks to get in on the action this Saturday (October 27th) with an original movie titled Rise of the Zombies….if you seem some familiar faces in the trailer that is because it stars Lavar Burton, Danny Trejo, and Mariel Hemmingway…….check out the trailer below

Synopsis: Survivors of a zombie plague escape their island refuge (Alcatraz) when it’s overrun and risk the outside world to find a scientist who is rumored to have found a cure for the disease

[youtube http://youtu.be/aTj9uvtyZoM]

Will you be spending your final weekend before Halloween enjoying the latest vision of the on-coming Zombie Apocalypse?