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“Not So Evil” Sidecast #14 Superzeroes

Welcome back folks,

It’s good to be back so soon for once. This month we have four movies about guys some would call heroes, others would call? SUPER HEROES! We changed the format up a bit and had each member of the cast pick a Super Hero movie they felt was underrated and took on the task of defending it in front of the wrath of the other three members. We quickly find out that not all “underrated”‘s are equal, while another is not underrated after all. And just what the hell qualifies as an actual super hero, anyway? Find out now on episode #14 of the “Not So Evil” Sidecast!

Listen [http://media.blubrry.com/horrorphilia/p/horrorphilia.com/horrorphilia/Podcasts/NSE14.mp3]

Download: “Not So Evil Sidecast” #14 – Superzeroes!

Tonight’s Cast: