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True Blood Season 4 Preview – What’s Next?

I believe this is my first post on the True Blood series for this blog.  I have a Like-hate relationship with the show. While it does feature Vampires, Werewolves, shape-shifters and other various creatures, at times, and increasing are those times, the show comes off as merely a more juicy version of Twlight that simply aims for an audience of 17 year old “emo” girls rather than 14.  With that said, my wife enjoys the show and I still on occasion find enough redeeming moments to keep trudging along, especially after already being invested 3 seasons worth.  Check out this sneak peak scene from Season 4 featuring Jessica, Hoyt and a group of protestors.

New characters, new alliances, new romance new perils….I am sure we can expect more of the same!