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Silent Hill HD collection only a couple weeks away…..watch the teaser now!

For those that are too young to have played the earlier Silent Hill games or just completely skipped over the series due to being on Team Resident Evil, there is never a better time than now to experience a couple of the best entries in the series as Konami is re-releasing Silent Hill 2 & 3 in HD for the PS3 & 360. Both games are included in one purchase deemed Silent Hill: HD Collection.

Check out the teaser below and I guarantee your interest will be peaked!

Silent Hill HD Collection’s latest demo hits….

It is becoming commonplace for successful video game franchise from last-gen to give their games an HD reboot for the current gen systems such as the PS3 & 360 to help get some more life out of them as well as promote the upcoming release of new installments in the franchise. We’ve seen it with God of War & Resident Evil.  The latest is Silent Hill which will include Silent Hill 2 & 3 in the collection.  Silent Hill while also survivial horror, is very different from the more action-oriented Resident Evil franchise. Silent Hill relies more on atmosphere and creepy lighting as an example.  Check out the trailer for the HD collection below:

Silent Hill HD collection will be available on March 6th just in time to get in some playing time before Silent Hill Downpour is released a week later on March 13th!