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Silent Hill HD Collection’s latest demo hits….

It is becoming commonplace for successful video game franchise from last-gen to give their games an HD reboot for the current gen systems such as the PS3 & 360 to help get some more life out of them as well as promote the upcoming release of new installments in the franchise. We’ve seen it with God of War & Resident Evil.  The latest is Silent Hill which will include Silent Hill 2 & 3 in the collection.  Silent Hill while also survivial horror, is very different from the more action-oriented Resident Evil franchise. Silent Hill relies more on atmosphere and creepy lighting as an example.  Check out the trailer for the HD collection below:

Silent Hill HD collection will be available on March 6th just in time to get in some playing time before Silent Hill Downpour is released a week later on March 13th!

Silent Hill: Downpour’s later trailer comes with a side of Korn……

The Silent Hill franchise has traditionally been known as taking a more creepy atmospheric route into the survival horror genre over the action-oriented nature of the Resident Evil franchise.  Silent Hill Downpour is the latest chapter in the Silent Hill story and here is the latest trailer for it which features a backdrop of  a Korn song.  Not sure if the song was made specifically for the game or if it is to help promote a new album? (Honestly, it’s Korn, sooo who cares, right?)

Silent Hill: Downpour is coming soon to PS3 & 360!

Silent Hill: Downpour will rain horrific atmosphere all over your consoles this fall….

Silent Hill: Downpour is hitting PS3 & Xbox 360 on October 25th just in time to give you some Halloween Scares. The following videos will show that the series continues to go strong. The first features a male character battling a couple of ghosts in the dark, mostly with his bare hands. The second takes place in some type of boiler room-like area and then a chase against some type of entity ensues. Both are pretty kickass, and is building the case that Silent Hill: Downpour will be a must have for genre fans!

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Silent Hill: Downpour – Raining down horror on consoles soon!

If you were up late last night on twitter you might have caught a piece of my Resident Evil vs. Silent Hill discussion with various folks.  While I agreed principly that Resident Evil was the overall stronger series, I do feel Silent Hill deserves a lot of credit in it’s own right, going for a darker atmospheric type game.  There may be less action in a Silent Hill game, but I feel the franchise has the superior “creepy” factor while playing the game. Check out this extended trailer that just debut at E3:

Between this game, Resident Evil:Raccoon City, Rise of Nightmares, & Dead Island, my video game funds are going to be severely dried up by the end of 2011. (Although there is no way I am not saving cash for Uncharted 3, as well)

Thirsty for more Silent Hill: Downpour footage? Check out this behind-the-scene footage of the game, which includes a snippet of gameplay footage as well as a small blip on Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the PSP: