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True Blood Season 4: One quick trailer deserves another!

I won’t bother going through a synopsis again, as I already made a True Blood Season 4 post earlier today, however it has come to my attention that there is indeed a second preview trailer for the upcoming fourth season of HBO’s True Blood.  I guess you could almost call this trailer the “Girl Power” trailer as there are a lot of quick cuts of all the familiar female characters in the series. Some kicking ass, some in peril, yep that is how the show goes.  Check out this second trailer for True Blood Season 4!

Sooo…which trailer did you enjoy more?

True Blood Season 4 Trailer: Vampires,Werewolves,Fairies..and now….

WITCHES!  Yep that’s right. In Season 3 of True Blood we were shown early signs of a possible Witch storyline brewing in the form of Lafayette’s love interest.  The trailer for Season 4 of True Blood leaves no doubt that the Witches are here and they want to play, and all indications show they will be a pretty good nemesis for Bon Temp’s Vampire population! Watch a few quick cuts of some highlights we can look forward to in Season 4 of True Blood!

Considering the Maryanne storyline from Season 2 felt close enough to resembling a “Witch” lets hope this new storyline does enough to separate itself. Season 4 debuts on HBO, June 26th!

Witches vs. Vampires! Lets hope the fans win!

True Blood Season 4 Preview – What’s Next?

I believe this is my first post on the True Blood series for this blog.  I have a Like-hate relationship with the show. While it does feature Vampires, Werewolves, shape-shifters and other various creatures, at times, and increasing are those times, the show comes off as merely a more juicy version of Twlight that simply aims for an audience of 17 year old “emo” girls rather than 14.  With that said, my wife enjoys the show and I still on occasion find enough redeeming moments to keep trudging along, especially after already being invested 3 seasons worth.  Check out this sneak peak scene from Season 4 featuring Jessica, Hoyt and a group of protestors.

New characters, new alliances, new romance new perils….I am sure we can expect more of the same!