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Evil Episodes Podcast #12 – American Horror Story season 1 retrospective now available!

Finally it’s our long awaited Retrospective on American Horror Story season 1! And wow did we ever ramble on for awhile! A solid two hours of all things AHS! I kicked off the episode with a couple news items of worth but decided to reserve the rest of the show simply to the topic at hand. Huge thanks to Ike of @ItsMikeAndIke for coming on as a special guest to discuss the show that some might consider a game changer for basic cable! Be forewarned the show is heavily spoiled as we dissect an entire season worth or characters, plots and story lines!


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Enjoy and please send any & all feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com.

Paranormal Activity 3 – Review: Does the third installment in franchise manage to keep the scares going?

The Paranormal Activity franchise is one that is pretty polarizing. There is the camp that absolute loves them. They totally get into them, usually make an effort to see the movie quickly with a packed house in the theater (the method I would recommend to help enhance the atmosphere and scares) and then there is the folks who find the movies boring and dull.  I’ve debated what I feel are the merits of this franchise many times before. No on is changing anyone’s mind on this. So you won’t hear much about the back & forth bickering about it in my review besides one quick reference to me feeling the issue is settled, and hey I am pretty much a live and let live kind of guy so to each his own…….here is an excerpt of the review I typed up for TDHorror:

 “However this time the viewer is not asked to sit through an hour of creaky doors until the real scares begin. Just like the scares in PA2 one-upped those in PA1, the scares in PA3 blow both former movies out of the water.  The demon or “entity” in this one is a lot more active, doing much more than walking through doors or knock down items. There is also something extra creepy about children interacting with an entity that adults simply cannot see or hear (until it is absolutely necessary of course) Maybe it has to do with their innocence and nativity about who or what exactly they are involved in. Watching, you know the kids should be scared about what is going on, so in turn it scares the viewer even more.  You just know things aren’t going to turn out OK, but children are children and they simply have an “imaginary friend” that no one else can see, right?”

For the full review, which remains spoiler free, please click the image below to be taken to TDHorror!

When the lights go down in the theater,and the horror flicks start to plaaaay……there will be screams!

A big part of the campaigns from movies such as Paranomal Activity 1 & 2 was showing the audience reaction to the flicks in commercials and viral ads.  However, they are hardly the first movies to give the audiences a huge scare in the theater.  I can remember experiencing screams all around me when watching THE RING in the theater on opening night.  However going back even further, 1978 to be exact, the John Carpenter classic HALLOWEEN was terrifying audiences. A clip has been released online from a screening of the movie complete with audio of the crowd reacting. For all you horror movie goers, this will sound familiar:

Cool, eh?  Here is hoping that the Horror genre gets back into gear soon and continues to frighten audiences like this again!

American Horror Story gets a new preview, actual show footage to go along with the “weird” stuff!

About a month out from the premiere of American Horror Story on FX, a new preview has been released and although it is a quick thirty seconds long, we actually get some footage from the show this time instead of just abstract “creepy” imagery. Check it out:

American Horror Story premieres on FX on October 5th!

Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #3 Now online! You’ll all float down here as we discuss Stephen King’s IT!

Welcome to another edition of Evil Episodes Podcast!  To get things kicked off a I pimp out a few of my writings & reviews from the last week or so, then get into some news and lead in with History Channel’s Documentary “Gates of Hell”  After that I welcome in my good friend Darrick as we discuss Stephen King’s IT.  This was Darrick’s first venture into the podcasting realm. Personally, I thought he did great.  If you enjoyed his appearance, throw him some kudos in this thread or by sending feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com  Hope you enjoy the show! Third time’s the charm, right!?!

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