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Can’t wait for The Last of Us, check out the first episode of What Remains!

Barely over a week out from the release of The Last of Us, Manifest film has released the first episode of a web series that is based on the Naughty Dog game.

What exactly is “What Remains?”

“What Remains is an epic live action series produced by Manifest Film.   All content on this page is intended to serve as reference material for a complete overview of the work and content characters that has been created so far by MANIFEST FILM. This web series is not endorsed by or affiliated in any way with Naughty Dog or any Sony company.  WHAT REMAINS is  a unique piece of content chronicling the journey of three unlikely friends as they attempt to survive in a world 10 years after a new strain of fungus as all but wiped out the human race.

This series asks the question: “What does it mean to be human when humanity’s time has passed?”

Check out the first episode below:

Silent Hill HD collection only a couple weeks away…..watch the teaser now!

For those that are too young to have played the earlier Silent Hill games or just completely skipped over the series due to being on Team Resident Evil, there is never a better time than now to experience a couple of the best entries in the series as Konami is re-releasing Silent Hill 2 & 3 in HD for the PS3 & 360. Both games are included in one purchase deemed Silent Hill: HD Collection.

Check out the teaser below and I guarantee your interest will be peaked!

Resident Evil: Raccoon City’s Triple Impact trailer hits the web and offers three perspectives!

by Mike:

One of the selling points of the upcoming Resident Evil game is that you will be able to play as part of a few different factions.  The game’s story itself is a re-telling of the events from Resident Evil 2 & 3.  For me this is a welcome plot point since Raccoon City itself has always been my favorite setting for the RE series. Check out the trailer after the jump!

Click Here to watch Resident Evil:Raccoon City’s Triple Threat trailer