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Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #58 Twisted Fails!

Welcome back to your bi-weekly TV Horror discussion fix!
On this episode Brian is back with us filling in for Corey once again. The three of us welcome Doug Plomitallo from scaredstiff.tv back to talk about his new monthly web-series Jason X-Mas! For the first time ever Jason Voorhees hits the white powdery snow and the results are fantastic. Find out all about this series and watch episode 1 right now!  Per usual our discussion with Doug eventually branches out to include thoughts on the Friday the 13th series and even some Halloween movies talk.
Then Brian, Jamie, and I get you caught up on all the latest episodes of your favorite (and perhaps not so favorite?) Horror TV shows, as well as a short explanation as to why the Twisted Tales review/discussion was just not meant to be….ugh.  All that and more on episode #58 of Evil Episodes Podcast!
Listen: [audio http://media.blubrry.com/horrorphilia/p/horrorphilia.com/horrorphilia/Podcasts/EEP58.mp3]
Tonight’s Guests:
Doug Plomitallo
Evil Episodes Cast:
Mike Maryman
Jamie Jenkins
Midnight Corey
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Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #34 – Evil Gets Electrified!

Evil Episodes #34 – Evil Gets Electrified!


Welcome to a very special edition of the Evil Episodes podcast!
Patrick cashed in some early vacation time so we are without him for this episode, however we introduce a brand new co-host to the show, someone who has been around the horror podcasting world since the golden age. If you hate surprises you can cheat and look at the show notes, or prepare get surprised with the rest of the listeners (and Jamie too) during the opening segment of the show.
No news segment this week as we spend a healthy amount of time getting the new co-host acclimated and caught up on his thoughts on The Following & The Walking Dead.  From there we welcome in Doug Plamitallo from scaredstiff.tv for his second guest appearance.  Find out about all the new happenings for the horror anthology shorts website and listen as we breakdown and discuss the first episode of the brand new Zombie Chronicles!
Once again Doug was gracious to stick around for our movie review, and boy did he ever make a mistake this week as we all pretty much attack and rip apart Hellraiser: Revelations.  I suppose that is a spoiler, but seriously, has anyone ever heard a single good thing said about this flick, ever?  Didn’t think so!
Listen: [audio http://media.blubrry.com/horrorphilia/p/horrorphilia.com/horrorphilia/Podcasts/EEP34.mp3]
You can contact the show via email at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com or via the brand new voicemail line at 760-661-7384 We appreciate any and all feedback!
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Jamie Jenkins/Patrick “Jenkins”
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Midnight Corey
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Evil Episodes Podcast – Episode #23 – Doug from ScaredStiff.TV, plus reviews of Absentia, Dead Heist, & Bones!

In our 23rd episode the show starts off with a mini-rant as we reveal a slight format change to the show effectively immediately.

What’s staying, what’s going? Tune in to find out.

It’s nothing huge, just a minor adjustment in how exactly we will be covering a certain medium of horror going forward.

Then we speak with Douglas A. Plomitallo of Scaredstiff.tv about the website & youtube channel which feature an entire series of horror shorts ranging into every sub-genre of horror, including a hilarious horror-wrestling parody called Horror Wrestling Federation (H.W.F.)  Douglas was also kind enough to stick around and review the indie horror flick Absentia as part of a brand new debuting segment for the podcast.  Finally we close the show out with Part 2 of the horror in the hood retrospective with reviews of Bones & Dead Heist!

Enjoy the show and please send all feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com and leave voicemails for the show at  760-661-7384!

Please visit and support ScaredStiff.tv and the site’s youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ScaredStiffTV 

Listen: [audio http://media.blubrry.com/horrorphilia/p/horrorphilia.com/horrorphilia/Podcasts/EvilEpisodes23.mp3]

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Original Michael Myers vs. Remake Michael Myers, who would win in a wrestling match? ScaredStiff.tv’s HWF has your answer!

Originals vs. Remakes…..Reboots vs. Classics….in the horror genre this is a debate that rages on with the fans. One of the most hotly contested debates is the Halloween franchise, more specifically the character of Michael Myers!  Is his origin better left up to mystery or do you prefer the later telling of his abusive white trash upbringing?  More importantly, who would kick who’s ass if they ever ended up in the squared circle?  Well, fret no more because scaredstiff.tv has answered that question (at least for now) with the current installment of the Horror Wrestling Federation (HWF)……

Be sure to check out all the other horror-filled shorts at scaredstiff.tv right away!