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SAW V – Review: That wall that’s been hit? Now it’s been knocked down and run over.

Last week I basically laid out why I felt SAW IV had hit the proverbial “wall” in the series. The bleeding however, continues. SAW V is what I feel, the weakest entry in the series. Since you are all back read for yourselves and tell me if you agree or not.  Here’s a small excerpt:

 “This time around however there is a twist because of the fact it isn’t Jigsaw solely behind the setups anymore there doesn’t seem to be such thing as “surviving a trap” any longer. Nope, our victim actually has his hands crushed as his sacrifice and still gets chopped in half by a huge swinging pendulum.  I’ll admit, this was a pretty cool opening, so where exactly does the movie go wrong?”

Well…just how does it go wrong, right? Click the image below for the full review of SAW V!