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Rise of Nightmares for kinect goes the b-movie comedic gore route in new trailer

Rise of Nightmares breaks from the pact of your normal game for the Xbox 360’s kinect. This is not what you would call a “family friendly” affair. Graphic, gory and most likely explicit in every way, Rise of Nightmares is definitely a game that looks to rival a game such as House of the Dead: Overkill extended cut (which is going exclusively to the PS3, mind you). Looks like it will be a battle of Microsoft Kinect vs. Sony Move in the next-gen motion controller arena!

If you know me, this can only be a good, no GREAT THING! Let the carnage begin I say! As a PS3 owner myself, I will definitely be headed to a friend’s house the second they come home with this title, which better be on it’s release date September 6th!

Rise of Nightmares official E3 trailer (and more)!

You might remember my earlier article on Rise of Nightmares, the new survival-horror game for the kinect system exclusive to Xbox 360 console. With E3 taking place more footage is rolling in.  Watch the trailer below:

Left wanting more?  Check out the following video of what looks to be some of the tutorial towards the beginning of the game:

Microsoft is quickly speaking my language when it comes to the need to add their latest piece of video-gaming technology to my collection.  Time to start saving now!