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Resident Evil 6 “Captivates” with new trailer….and a new release date!

With lackluster reviews coming in from all over for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, it looks like it is time to set all sights ahead to Resident Evil 6. To help do that Capcom has released a brand new trailer for the game titled “Captivate”  along with the trailer comes the news that the release date has always been moved up a month to October 2nd 2012!  That is pretty awesome considering most times when a game’s release is moved, it’s back not up!  Here is the trailer:


Resident Evil: First Hour – Episode 2 now available!

The Resident Evil online web series “First Hour” is back with episode #2……If you never caught the first episode when I initially posted it, you can find it HERE!

Episode 2 Synopsis:
Have the cannibal murders returned to Raccoon City? That may be the case for Leon Kennedy, Richard, and Philip as they find themselves trapped alone and at the mercy of a flesh-hungry undead horde.