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The living dead aim to take a bite out of Tokyo in Yakuza: Dead Souls on PS3 (exclusively)

Yakuza Of The End is a game not released over here, in which zombies start going on a rampage in Tokyo and it is up to the Yakuza to stop them.  It has just been reported that the game is getting a North American release in March 2012, exclusively on the PS3. From Gamezone

Yakuza: Dead Souls is set in the infamous red light district of Tokyo, which is under attack from hordes of zombies. Players will not only face armies of the undead and incredibly powerful mutants, but a treacherous Japanese underworld that is just as merciless. Playing through the eyes of four of the most infamous characters of the series, witness allegiances shift quickly and the line between friend and foe lost. If you thought zombies were bad…meet the Yakuza!

For the full story including some neat screenshots, check out the article at Gamezone, but first watch the announcement trailer below: