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Character of “Otis” has been cast for Walking Dead season 2….

As the sweltering heat begins to swarm all of us, we know that are only a handful of months away from the Season 2 debut of The Walking Dead season 2.  It has been reported already that Hershel Greene’s farm will be a major set-piece in the upcoming season and now we have some casting news to go with that as well. TVLine has the scoop:

“In the first piece of casting news for the spooktacular AMC series’ sophomore run, TVLine has learned exclusively that Pruitt Taylor Vince has landed the recurring role of Otis, a foreman at Hershel’s Farm, where much of the Season 2 action is set to take place.”

We've got Otis! Walking Dead Season 2!

For all the horror veterans  out there you may recognize Pruitt Taylor Vince as the mental patient in the movie Identity. Excellent casting decision in my opinion! For the full report including a brief character description for those not familiar with the character please visit TVLine.