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Mike opens the book to chapter 1 of NBC’s GRIMM….

Premiering tonight at 9pm on NBC is a new drama series called Grimm. For those that aren’t familiar with the premise, it is loosely based on the Grimm fairytales.  If you are still scratching your head or would like to gather some more information for reference, check out the Grimm’s Fairytales wiki page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grimms’_Fairy_Tales

Last night I had a chance to watch the pilot episode of the show and here are some thoughts:

 Detective Nick Burkhardt  is a homicide detective in Portland. When the pilot episode opens he is trying to track down a missing girl who was described as wearing a red sweatshirt. This piece of the description sets off flags since earlier a young woman was reported missing after jogging on a trail in a wooded area also wearing a red sweatshirt. If you are already connecting the description to a familiar childhood story called Little Red Riding Hood then you have an idea of what you are in for in NBC’s new “horror”-drama Grimm.

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Possible snafu with Red State review, GRIMM pilot will be watched and reviewed tonight….you can see it early too!.

If you follow on twitter, you know I might have had a possible mishap with the Red State review I wrote up. Looks like my login token on ARR expired some time while I was writing it (between bouts of also doing other stuff) and when I went to submit it, it gave me the “you must login first screen” which in order to do that, you have to click a link to login, and once you login it doesn’t bring back up what you were previously doing like some websites do. So, hey….lesson learned on that one eh?  I’ll find out later today probably if the review still ended up in the review que or not. If so I’ll post the usual excerpt and link. If not, I will probably just post some my abbreviated thoughts on the movie on here later tonight.

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