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Evil Episodes #39 – Follow Us to Salem

Welcome back to your bi-weekly dose of small screen terror!

It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #39!

On this edition we start with  rundown of anything horror-related we’ve watched since the last episode including a handful of movies Mike watched over the last week which American Mary, Maniac(original & remake), and Stitches. Listen out for possible extended reviews of any combo of the movies in the future.

 We then get to the normal rundown of TV shows we have been watching and catch everyone up to whatever episodes were current as of the recording (Friday May 4th).  This time The Following was given the extra special treatment as the first season had just wrapped up with one hell of a cliffhanger and all three of us were not only blown away but ready for the next chapter to begin immediately.
Next some news bits were thrown in including some new TV shows in the works for FX, HBO, and MTV, as well as a re-release of a survival horror video game with a new extended Director’s cut.  These might be shows you will want to get the DVR ready for!
We finish up this episode with another special “At the Movies” segment as all three of us saw Rob Zombie’s latest endeavor, Lords of Salem.  Were we bewitched and put under a spell? Did anyone think the movie was more horrid than slime & snails, and puppy dog tails? You won’t want to miss our discussion featuring the very special guest MisfitBoy! ( @Misfitboy69 )
Listen [audio http://media.blubrry.com/horrorphilia/p/horrorphilia.com/horrorphilia/Podcasts/EEP39.mp3]
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