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Jon Bernthal & Laurie Holden on Walking Dead Season 1 experiences, share some Season 2 tidbits!

At this year’s C2E2 event in Chicago, there was a panel held for The Walking Dead.  Jon Bernthal & Laurie Hodlen were the two participants and they shared some experiences from working on the set during the first season as well as some tidbits we can look forward to in Season 2 of The Walking Dead! (you can use the video below to follow the link to youtube where you will find the rest of the panel discussion, including questions from the audience)

If you want to skip directly to the synopsis, ScreenRant tells us the following:

Holden: “I know we are going to get to Hershel’s farm in season two. But I can’t wait to get to the prison. Tyreese (Keith Allen Hayes is rumored in the role) and Michonne and The Governor — we’ve got some very bad ass people we are going to meet, but I don’t think we will get to the prison in season two because there is a lot to do, but we haven’t read the script so we don’t know.”

However, that was merely a small crumb of information that can be found after the jump! Please do yourselves a favor and read the entire synopsis including more possible Season 2 spoilers as well as answers to audience questions by vistiting SCREEN RANT

The Walking Dead Season 2 begins filming June 1st! Shamblers, lets get Shambling!