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SAW IV – Where the franchise hits the wall, and it’s not over yet!

Ready for more. cause I’m back with number four!  (I brought rhymes today).

We're halfway home....grab some Tylenol now, trust me!

7Weeks-7Saws hits Week 4 and lets just say the series passed up the “hitting it’s stride”  part and went directly into hitting the wall, and the wall is full of traps, big, crazy elaborate traps and nonsensical plots ridden with holes.  Catch my drift? Here’s an excerpt:

The story centers around Detective Riggs(sort of).  He is the last remaining officer from the previous movies and is now thrust into a series of traps in order to pass the tests Jigsaw has planned which will test to see if Riggs “truly knows what it means to save a life”  Yes, Jigsaw is lecturing and testing a cop about what it mean to save lives.  Still with me? Ok read on…

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SAW III – It’s a Trilogy, bitches! My Review.

My review for SAW III has been posted at AlteredRealitiesRadio.  If you were paying attention, last week I took a hiatus due to a hectic schedule that sort of got out of control towards the end of the week. However, no worries I am back with entry number three in this retrospective review series. What tricks does Jigsaw have up his sleeve, how is Amanda’s apprenticeship turning out, how about those traps, huh?  Check out a small excerpt below:

With Jigsaw so sick, he needs a doctor for constant care, so he was rush to the hospital by Amanda, right? Nope. They kidnapped a doctor and brought her to them because in Jigsaw’s world he is allowed to do these things in order to full-fill his own games, although really these types of actions should probably land him his own moral dilemma puzzles for his efforts

Ready for more? Check out the full review by clicking the Image:

 Also, be sure to check out AlteredRealitiesRadio tonight for the live show at 7:30pm (pacific time) which is sure to be an epic episode as they interview Denise Gossert the founder/director of Shriekfest!