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New horror series JESSA KILL hits the web with it’s debut episode “Zombie Zoo Keeper”

From writer/director/creator/editor Justin Brooks comes the new horror web series JESSA KILL starring Ally Tully in the lead role of Jessa Kill  “a mean spirited, bad-ass babe in a world where hair dye and make-up have been replaced with guns and ammo”   Check out the intense first episode below, which by the end, promises plenty of zombie killing action in future episodes!

Episode 1 synopsis:

The first look into an ongoing Zombie apocalyptic sexploitation grindhouse horror series. Jessa finds herself captured and tortured by a mad man. Is she going to let this go unpunished?…… I don’t fucking think so!!

Be sure to check out the official website for JESSA KILL for daily updates and new episodes!  This is going to be a series to keep an eye on for a long time!