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Evil Episodes #13 – The River’s Flowing with Wax!

Welcome back to your bi-weekly fix of what goes bump in the night on the small screen! With your hosts EvilMike & DeadDarrick. On this episode we get into Oren Peli’s The River which is airing weekly on ABC. Terror on the Amazon river as a group searches for Dr. Cole, but what sort of macabre discoveries will they encounter during their search? Found Footage style horror finally makes it’s way to TV!

Mike gives his first impressions of the game Dead Rising 2, tons of zombie carnage on display but is it enough to keep him interested beyond a few initial skull-bashing sessions!?! Then we close out the episode with another edition of Horrorpiece Theater featuring discussion on the films Waxwork & Waxwork 2! Supernatural goofball horror from the 80′s! What could go wrong, right? *ahem*

Enjoy and please send any & all feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com. as well as leaving comments in the section below!


Download: Right Click–>Save As – Evil Episodes #13