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Silent House – Reviewed: Don’t turn out the lights!

A remake of the 2010 film La Casa Muda out of Uruguay, Silent House follows the same basic premise for about seventy five percent of the way.  The continuous shot style might possibly split viewers, with some complaining it is too closely related to the shaky cam nature of found footage movies.  One element that won’t be argued is the acting of Elizabeth Olsen which is superb. Click the image below to be taken to my review of SILENT HOUSE.

Mike is brought back to life by a magic crystal to review HELLGATE!

I probably enjoyed this movie more than 90% of the viewing public would. What can I say, I have a soft spot for b-movie trash sometimes. Even with that said, it doesn’t necessarily mean I gave it a great review or final verdict.  So what exactly did I think?  Click the image below to go to the review for Hellgate I wrote up for Truly Disturbing!

“The Stuff” review. Magical goo makes for a new tasty low calorie snack! It’s all the rage!

Do you occasionally enjoy your horror movie to be a cornball affair? Everything can’t be so serious and “doom & gloom” all the time right?  We have to reserve some of our horror watching for the lighter-side of things. It is with that, I present you with my review for 1985’s THE STUFF!

“The boy is so convinced that he ends up destroying the carton of “The Stuff” but that’s not enough.  This boy is one determined little runt.  He makes his way to the local grocery store and decides today is the day he comes a man.  He finds “The Stuff” in the freezer, in the aisle, on the shelves, and goes to town creating a huge mess. Now lemme tell ya, I wasn’t quite sure if this grocery store stocked anything besides “The Stuff” by the time this scene was over. All this effort was for not as “The Stuff” remained a growing phenomenon. It was all the rage!”

Do you need more of “THE STUFF” to satisfy your cravings? Check out the full review at ALTEREDREALITIESRADIO by clicking the image below!