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Shivers Down Your Spine; a new horror anthology web-series debuts with episode 1 DEADBOLT!

If you aren’t familiar yet with the crew over at DEAD LANTERN yet, you should be. These guys have their hands in all sorts of realms of horror. Not only do they put out the world famous Splattercast on a weekly basis (as well as myriad of other podcasts) but they also have produced a couple full length feature films.(Outpost Doom & The Grand Horror) Most recently they have released the first episode of a new Horror Anthology Web-series entitled: Shivers Down Your Spine! Written & Directed by horror-genre enthusiast Mat Kister The first episode is DEADBOLT and centers around a ghost determined to get into a house to terrify a young lady. Check it out below:

Pretty good, huh? For more information on Shivers Down Your Spine including cast & crew information, some behind-the-scenes stories on the production of the first episode and a tidbit on Episode #2 SLEEP TIGHT visit DEAD LANTERN!

American Horror Story season 2 plans…..aka I do love a good Horror Anthology!

As the season finale of American Horror Story grew closer, the speculation had already began on how a second season would go down. As the abundance of characters from the show continued to grow, while the main characters continued down their fate it seemed like the show might have been painting itself into a corner that would be hard to scramble out of.  Well, after much wondering on the parts of fans and critics alike, it looks like the direction for season two and beyond has been revealed…..

Find out the spooky plans for season two and beyond of American Horror Story

Forget giving me “the willies”, this barely managed a hiccup. The Willies reviewed.

Of course, I don’t think this movie was ever meant to be scary in the first place. Just me?  In a childhood that consisted of renting almost every horror flick available on the shelves, for some reason The Willies always escaped my clutches. Not sure why. I remember it always being there, un-rented by anyone else. Can’t remember why I kept passing it up.  Maybe my review will shed some light on that? Here is an excerpt from the review I did for Truly Disturbing website:

 “While the “Kentucky Fried Rat” gag was predictable, I will admit to sort of being surprised at the “Dog in the microwave” piece, given how kid-friendly the rest of the movie is. Following those brief tales and a pretty cool reference to Astin’s “The Goonies” in the form of a joke, we get down to business with a couple longer stories.  The first story follows a young boy being bullied at school by a trio of classmates, and his counseling from the school janitor Mr. Jenkins played by genre favorite James Karen (Return of the Living Dead).  Mr. Jenkins cheers up the boy and promises him that those bullies will “get theirs” “

Don’t stop there! Head on over to Truly Disturbing to read the full review by clicking on the image below: