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FEARnet to bring “Girl Number 9” web series to the U.S. !

FEARnet has consistently been one of the greatest gifts to horror fans for awhile now. Not only have they been host to many original horror-based series, but they also are a source for many classic horror movies and shows to watch any time you want. Now they are bringing the British web series hit GIRL NUMBER 9 to U.S. audiences.  FEARnet gives the following synopsis:

“In the Se7en meets Saw web series David-Lloyd stars as ‘Matheson,’ the cop fighting to save his daughter from a psychotic serial killer’s (played by Absolom) games.  The thrilling and suspenseful action unfolds over the six episodes, each 5 minutes in length, with a jaw-dropping finale. “

The web series is set to debut  the first two episodes on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 and then release one episode per day on Wednesday and Thursday, with the two concluding suspense-filled episodes airing Friday, June 17th.  The series is also set to be available in it’s entirety at a later date on FEARnet’s On-Demand channel that is starting to emerge as a major player in the horror market! (Check out a trailer for the series below)