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Killer sharks going coast to coast……”90210 Shark Attack” is happening.

There simply are no words.  Sharknado was watchable. I can’t quite give them the credit they think they deserve because I am not sure they accomplished what they thought they might have been going for, but at the same time it was hardly an awful experience (I still think Ghost Shark was better, btw).

Look out brah, there’s a shark in the water!!!

Jersey Shore Shark Attack was at least trying to parody a show that’s a little more modern. Beverely Hills 90210 (the real one) hasn’t been on TV for a long time so I am not sure if they will be doing a parody of the show itself or just Southern California/Orange county culture? It’d be pretty great if they could at least get a cameo from a cast member of the original (What is Luke Perry up to these days, anyway?) Either way, it is hard to turn down a date with a killer Shark movie, regardless of how many times you’ve been disappointed before so I will likely be sitting through this one too….







Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #46 Ghost Shark the Ripper!

It’s time to turn the dial to Evil. You’re Horror TV Fix is back!

In this episode the news is bare and there isn’t too much to catch up on as the some of the seasons of shows have wrapped up while others did not air on Labor Day weekend, so we get right into the first four episodes of the BBC original series, Ripper Street.  Set 6 months after the murders of Jack The Ripper stopped, folks start turning up dead once again. Is Jack Back or do we have a copycat on our hands?
We then get into the SYFY original flick, Ghost Shark. Hot on the heels of Sharknado, we get another killer shark flick.  This one did not get the glory, attention, or views of the former, but did it deserve better? Can a movie about the vengeful ghost of a shark give the fans what they are asking for? Find out what Mike, Jamie, & Corey think!
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