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E3 continues to deliver the horror-related goods with Dead Island trailer!

E3 has been EvilEpisode’s best friend the past few days.  All sorts of great horror-related content to share. Today is no different as the official E3 trailer for DEAD ISLAND has been posted. We get another fantastic look at the game, including what looks to be big party the night before the zombie apocalypse begins! Check it out:

DEAD ISLAND shambles to the PS3 & 360 consoles on August 1st 2011!



E3 trailer for “Never Dead” game coming to PS3/Xbox360, looks stunning!

Fans of the “Devil May Cry” franchise may cry foul a bit here as Never Dead definitely has the look and storyline that could make you do a double-take to make sure this game wasn’t a sequel to the popular and hugely successful series. However, once you watch this preview a few times, I think it will make a convert out of you! It is simply stunning in it’s presentation.  When it comes to “horror” this definitely falls more on the action-side of the genre, but hey we all need a little “hack n slash” in our lives, right?  Watch the trailer below: