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Will the Dark Passenger be watching over Dexter on the Big Screen?

After the events of the last scene in Season 6 of Dexter, one would be led to believe that with the recent extension of the show for two more seasons, the plan is to wrap the series and saga of one Mr. Dexter Morgan up in the remaining episodes.  While that hasn’t been ruled out, it also hasn’t been confirmed completely either.  With a hot ticket item such as Dexter, could it be following in the footsteps of other such successful franchises like, Star Trek, The Simpsons, and most recently 24, in taking on the big screen?  Find out after the jump.

What lies in store for Dexter and Where might you be seeing it? Find out…

Showrunner Scott Buck discusses Dexter season 6 finale…..

Whether you found the latest season to be a bit underwhelming or not, there is no doubt that the final scene of the show definitely had some jaws dropping.  It was something all of us as fans of the show knew had to come eventually, and has probably always been in our minds since Season 2.  Watch Scott Buck discuss the finale: (Warning: Heavy spoilers are included)

The Dark Passenger will continue to ride…..Dexter renewed for 2 more seasons!

A month or so back fans of the series were a bit worried as contract talks with Michael C. Hall had stalled. The actor & the network were reported to be at a stand still for a new contract, and without Dexter, it’d be hard to have Dexter.  Well everyone can breathe a sigh of relief the series has not yet eaten the “perfect key lime pie”…

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